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Dream About Being Possessed? (9 Spiritual Meanings)

If you are a fan of horror films, you must have seen a great deal of demonic possession and exorcisms, which are scary enough. However, dreaming about being possessed is a different kind of terror because it is personal and not detached, like in the movie.

Before we dive into the numerous interpretations and symbolism of this dream, you need to pay attention to some elements and content of your dream to the tiniest detail possible. 

Anything you might have remembered, such as the type of demon and how you felt and behaved, can help you find a more accurate interpretation. 

Dream About Being Possessed? (9 Spiritual Meanings)
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What Does It Mean When Dream About Being Possessed?

By all accounts, this dream is considered a nightmare and is related mainly to negative emotions, connotations, and trauma. Being possessed means that the individual is incapable of acting on their own, as they are usually controlled by a spirit, demon, or devil.

So, they are influenced by greater forces that are out of their reach and control, implying vulnerability and powerlessness. For these and many other reasons, the dream about being possessed is considered a bad omen. 

1. You are Stressed 

It is no secret that most people that have nightmares or experience unpleasant dreams usually have some issues in their lives, either professionally or romantically, that are stressing them out and causing anxiety. 

A similar interpretation can be tied to a dream about being possessed because the subconscious mind filters out your worries and fears, manifesting through this type of dream. 

If you are wondering why you dreamt about demonic possession, demons, or evil spirits, reflect on the current happenings in your life and your emotional state. You are probably going through a rough patch and are struggling financially or emotionally.

2. You Lack Control

As mentioned, demon possession implies that some unknown force has taken over your body and mind, and you are no longer the master of your actions and thoughts. Therefore, dreaming about being possessed is connected to your emotional state.

Maybe you do not feel like you have control over your life, which is coursed and influenced by other people and events. So your subconscious mind reflects these underlying issues that you feel through either presence of demons in your dream or being possessed.

It can relate to your inability to control your actions, events, or emotions. For example, think about how you react to unavoidable circumstances. Do you lose your temper very quickly and lash out at people? 

Most likely, being unable to control yourself causes conflicts within you because it seems like something you cannot affect, but it affects you, your relationships, and your life. 

A short temper can cost you heavily in life and cause physical and mental problems such as insomnia, anxiety, and depression. 

3. You Have A Strong Ego

You Have A Strong Ego
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According to the neurocognitive scientist Patrick McNamara, whose work is centered on dreams, religion, and sleep, dreams about being possessed and other nightmares usually happen to people with strong egos

The ego represents the part of your brain that mediates between the subconscious and conscious- your ‘I and sense of yourself. So, even though you might think that people with low self-esteem are prone to these dreams, McNamara suggests otherwise. 

Those who frequently deal with nightmares have a complete or centered sense of themselves; they can live and function with those nightmares in their waking life. 

When you think of a nightmare, it follows you through the day and sometimes days, so one has to have a powerful personality and ego to remain unbothered or at least behave that way. 

4. You Might Be Depressed 

Dreams have many purposes, one of which is to regulate positive and negative emotions. So, if you went through a rough day, had an accident, or had an unpleasant situation, it will most likely manifest through your dream. 

According to a study, people who frequently have nightmares experience other sleep-related difficulties and depression. Today people are liberal with the term depression, for some, it may be used to describe a minor inconvenience, and for others, it is a severe mood disorder. 

If you often dream of being possessed or seeing a red demon, that might be a sign that you are unhappy with your life, and that feeling is not caused by a singular event but by a series of unfortunate events. 

You feel you have no purpose or goal in life and are suppressing powerful sentiments. If you resonate with this, maybe your dream about being passed is a cry from your subconscious mind to deal with your negative self-image and perception. 

The best way to tackle unhappiness and depression is to talk to your friends, relatives, or a professional such as a psychologist.

5. You Have Low Self-Confidence

Famous psychoanalysts, Freud and Jung, posited that people with low self-confidence and conflicted and unclear self-images often see demons and dream about demonic possession. Why?

Given that our dreams are a reflection of daily activities, insecurities, feelings, and particular experiences, they also reflect how you feel about ourselves. So, this dream indicates that you are not satisfied with some aspects of your life, particularly your behavior,

Even though you try to repress it, it resurfaces back through this dream, meaning that it is something that bothers you deep down, despite your attempts to ignore it. 

Low self-confidence has numerous adverse effects and is proven to cause loss of motivation, failed relationships, difficulties in reaching goals, and indecisiveness in real life. 

6. You Might Be Harming Yourself

Dreaming about being possessed is connected to inner conflicts meaning that you might be engaging in harmful activities without realizing it. In addition, it can allude to your unhealthy lifestyle, temptations, habits, and addiction.

So the spirit possession you experience in your dream might be a sign of your battle with inner demons. Your subconsciousness tries to direct your attention to your attitude and show you that you are your worst enemy.

Many underestimate the power of a positive attitude, character, and a healthy mindset. 

Although we like to attribute various events and happenings to a higher force, in most cases, what we do and how we think define us and influence the success and quality of our lives. 

7. You Feel Guilt 

You Feel Guilt 
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If you dream of being possessed or seeing an evil ghost, you might be suppressing feelings of guilt over something you have done or said. According to Freud, even repressed, the blame will resurface and manifest through a similar dream or madness. 

Many people deal with guilt by suppressing it, hoping it will go away on its own, but that is rarely the case. So although we think that ignoring it might help, we are doing a disservice to ourselves and only exacerbating the situation, affecting our sleep and mood.

Reflect on your actions and whether you did something to someone, intentionally or unintentionally, that caused them suffering or had a severe consequence. Your subconscious mind shows you how you feel about it and the need to deal with it. 

If you are in this situation, try to come clean or talk to someone you trust who will give you some advice. 

8. There Is Negative Energy Around You

People often dream about being possessed or seeing satan in their dreams because their subconscious mind alerts them to the negative energy around them. This can mean that you have bad company and that your environment is having an adverse effect on you.

For example, your friends may be involved in illegal or immoral activities, and you feel tempted to join them. Your unconsciousness shows you a demon representing your friends and their intentions. 

It can also extend to your job; maybe your colleagues have bad intentions toward you and are pretending to be your friends without you consciously picking it up. Maybe your workplace is making you feel miserable, but you cannot currently change it.

9. Someone is Jealous

The dream about being possessed indicates some jealousy in your life- either you feel jealous of other people’s successes, or someone very close to you is jealous of you and your achievements. 

If you do not feel contempt and envy for someone, think about whether there is someone in your life that is always mean to you or disrespectful without any reasonable cause. 

This dream can also indicate that someone might try to hurt you or you will get into a verbal altercation with a family member, close friend, or partner. 

On the other hand, if you see yourself possessed in your dream and you manage to free yourself, or an exorcist appeared in the dream that liberated you, that is a good sign. It indicates that even though you are being attacked, you will manage to come on top. 


Generally, dreams about demons or being possessed mainly have negative implications and serve as a bad omen indicating a future problem, defeat, low self-confidence, sadness, guilt, negative energy, stress, and lack of control.

On the other hand, it may signify that you have a strong ego, and depending on the particular dream scenario, this dream can hint that even though you are currently in the wrong position, that may change in the future. 

Dreaming about demon possession can be interpreted positively if you see yourself defeating the demon and breaking its curse. Also if you are into the occult and often read about demons or watch horror movies that might the reason why you have this dream.

Have you ever had a similar dream? How did it make you feel? If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask.

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  1. I dreamt of being possessed by the Reaper I had a black cloak and a real dark sack small that held souls I had a scythe I was being made like a cutscene but it also felt natural to follow, I then saw it go in my body when in this simple room with a blue bed and then it left and a demon of lust came in my back and then the last demon to overshadow that one was a plaque demon I think but nothing happened I just felt really stressed it was a angry soul it’s like I wailed in anger but it was the spirits crys then I guess around waking I thought of a toy ball and all three wanted to play a game with me which calmed them for the moment but the plague one still left me kind of stressed a Lil then I woke feeling sort of stress affected.

  2. I needed to thank you for this very good read!! I certainly loved every little bit of it. I have got you book marked to look at new things you post…

  3. i had a dream i was sleep in my living room and another slimmer me came out in a sky blue dress, im confused because i’m straight, also i’m floating and looked possesed and i’m just staring at me. i start to say “the blood of jesus is against you “ and i watch my self just fold up nd i heard like every bone break until i was in the shape of a box on the ground… then i woke up…


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