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Dream About Driving Into Water? (15 Spiritual Meanings)

Like many other people, I can’t imagine my life without a car. I drive it to get to my work, visit my friend and family in my hometown, and go on fun road trips with my partner.

However, driving a car is stressful from time to time as there are many dangers lurking while on the road. In just a second, your own life could be changed or ruined by someone driving too fast or being careless.

A few days ago I dreamed about driving my car into the water and it is still bothering me. I assume this dream was caused by the stress of driving through the awful traffic, but I want to dig deeper and see if there is another meaning. Keep reading to stay tuned!

dream about driving into water meanings
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What Does It Mean To Dream About Driving Into Water?

There are several interpretations of this dream. The first one says that this dream is actually a message from your subconscious mind to slow down for a moment and reevaluate your decisions.

Driving into the water might symbolize a need for transformation, new ideas, and new opportunities to be able to change your life circumstances for to better.

Dream of water in general is a powerful symbol that represents your emotions. Deep water represents your unconscious mind and hidden thoughts and emotions. A car is a symbol of movement, activity, and wealth.

We can derive the meaning of driving into the water from these meanings. Driving into the water might represent your action towards connecting with your emotions and thoughts. You are finally getting in touch with things you pushed deep inside for years.

On the other hand, driving your car into the water might represent financial struggles, loss of wealth, and bad luck in general.

If you dreamed about driving a cab into the water, you are probably feeling stuck in a menial or unrewarding job that offers only a few chances for advancement.

Driving your car in reverse and into the water means that someone or something is holding you back and ruining your chances of leading a happy life.

Driving Into Different Bodies Of Water

Driving Into Different Bodies Of Water
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1. Pond

Driving your car into the pond means there are some obstacles for you to overcome, but eventually, you will be able to end up a winner, taking back control of your life.

2. Lake

If you dream about driving your car into the lake, it might be a warning for your waking life. You need to find a way to escape the negativity surrounding you and learn how to let go of your regret and sorrows.

3. Sea

Dreams about driving into the sea symbolize that you need to stay alert for the dangers lurking in the deep. While your life might seem harmonious on the surface, your carelessness could ruin everything.

4. Ocean

The ocean represents your desire to escape your everyday problems. However, you need to find the strength to deal with your issues despite the discomfort you might feel. Driving into the ocean may also represent several different things, such as grief, clarity, calmness, and accepting your destiny.

5. River

Driving your car into the flowing water symbolizes the loss of control. If the river is fast and cold, you feel soon experience an awakening that will change your outlook on life. On the other hand, if you fall into the calm water, this symbolizes the passing of time and the healing of old wounds.

6. Pool

If you drove your car into the pool, this means you are on the verge of an emotional breakdown. Everything you tried to keep under control will come out of you and you won’t be able to hide your emotions.

7. Muddy Water

Whether you drive your car into the clean or dirty water also makes the difference. Murky waters are a metaphor for confusion, misunderstanding, and disappointment.

Driving your car into muddy waters signifies confusing times ahead of you. You are in front of a major life change and you are unsure of what awaits you. Alternatively, you feel deceived by someone close to you.

8. Clear Water

On the other hand, clear water represents tranquility, vitality, calmness of thoughts, clear vision, and cleansing.

If you drove your car into such water, this means you are facing certain adversities in your life, but with a calm mind you will be able to overcome them.

Reasons Behind Driving Into The Water

Reasons Behind Driving Into The Water
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On Purpose

Another thing important for interpreting this dream is why you drove into the water at all. If you drove into the water on purpose, you are getting in touch with your subconsciousness and all the things you blocked from getting out.

You want to change your life circumstances and make your own decisions. Everything that kept you down will be washed off of you and you can enjoy your fresh start.

By Accident

The meaning of this dream completely changes if you accidentally drove into the water. Maybe you couldn’t stay on the road ahead, your brakes didn’t work, you fell from some high cliffs, or you were in a car wreck.

No matter what the reason behind your car falling into the water is, the symbolism of this dream is that you have lost control over your life. Things are getting out of your hands and if you don’t act, you might get into trouble.

The Aftermath Of Driving Into The Water

Although dreaming about driving your car into the water sounds like a real nightmare, it doesn’t have to be! The way how you deal with the situation can determine whether this dream is a bad omen or simply a warning that you need to do something.

1. Staying Calm

If in your dream you don’t feel any anxiety and fear while going into the water, this means you feel at peace with your past, present, and whatever the future brings. You stopped resisting the changes in your life, and you learned to enjoy them instead.

2. Panicking

If however, you feel at unease and your anxiety levels are increasing with every second, it represents your fear of getting trapped and not using your full potential in life. You are frantically looking for a way out of your problems, but your fear of failure may prevent you from freeing yourself.

3. Swimming Out

Once the car was submerged in the water completely, what did you do? Did you swim out and got back on land? If yes, this symbolizes the unexpected detours from your original plans.

Not everything will go the way you want it, but you still need to pull yourself together and find a way out. If you manage to do so, the experience will make you wiser and stronger.

4. Drowning

If you didn’t manage to escape and drowned instead, it symbolizes your resignation to your unfortunate life circumstances. You lost any hope and will to fight, and all you wish is to stay away from any future disturbances.

On the other hand, this dream can also mean that the old you is “dying”, along with your old habits, beliefs, and fears. It can also represent grief and the loss of something dear.

5. Someone Saving You

Another interesting variant of this dream involves someone saving you. The person who saved you might be someone you know or a stranger.

If it was someone you know, you probably feel safe and supported when around them. You don’t fear sharing your deepest secrets with them, as you know they will be kept safely. Also, you might feel like you need a friend to share your negative emotions.

If the person who saved you was a stranger, it is likely that this stranger represents you. To save yourself from the disaster you need to adopt a different perspective and outlook on life. Only then, you will be able to pull yourself out of whatever trouble you are currently in.

Dream About Someone Else Driving Into Water

Dream About Someone Else Driving Into Water
Liquids and Solids

If you’re still in the car, but someone else is driving, this might symbolize that you feel this person is controlling you and even leading you toward something that’s not good for you.

If you are just an observer, the dream symbolizes losing a friend or any other relationship. Someone you know is changing, and you are not sure if you like those changes.

This could also mean that someone you care about is doing things that you don’t approve of. Or, it could just be a representation of your worry for them.

Final Words

Although car accident dreams can be almost as frightening as real accidents, dreaming about driving your car into the water isn’t necessarily a bad thing. This dream has an important spiritual meaning and it symbolizes your emotions and the need for change.

The way you got into the water in the first place, the type of water you drove into, and the way you reacted to the situation will determine the exact meaning of this dream. If you are calm and manage to swim out, you are the one who’s in control of your life.

However, if you panic or give up and drown, it might be a sign that you aren’t dealing with your problems in the best way possible.

Have you ever dreamed about driving your car into the water? How did you react? Was it a scary experience? Write in the comments!

dream about driving into water meanings
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10 thoughts on “Dream About Driving Into Water? (15 Spiritual Meanings)”

  1. I dreamed my Grandma who recently passed was driving over a bridge that I took every day in my dream (bridge does not exist in my real life). She missed the bridge and was heading straight for the water, I panicked and tried to will the car back on the bridge when she looked at me and said “it’s a short cut”. We then ended up in a secret underwater tunnel that led to an entire city under the water for food and shopping and just walked around the underwater shopping center just the 2 of us. I experienced extreme panic followed by joy to be with her alone again followed by sadness knowing it was all about to end.

  2. Oh boy, my dream I’ve had once before. I’m at my parents home, talking to them and two of my sisters and an German exchange student we had. Then the German exchange student drives off, then me one of my sisters and my parents get into a car, my father is the one driving, it turns into a storm, dad keeps driving to avoid on coming traffic, then as we’re avoiding traffic car loses traction and veers into muddy rapids. No on is trying to get out, I just feel a little scared, but everyone looks so calm. Then I wake up.

    • My husband was driving I jumped out he continued the car disappeared my dog him and someone else just disappeared into the murky water it was dangerous fast flowing I woke up crying 😢 😭

  3. I had a dream that’s really been freaking me out. Every where that I go I have to go in a wheelchair; a particular young man comes to pick me up for dialysis. In the dream: he came to pick me up; when he approached me he said, our route (or ride) is going to be different; I let him load me on the van, thinking he was trying to provoke me to say something to him, but I didn’t respond. As we begin to ride, the surroundings began to look totally different. When then came to a large body of water. He drove right into the water, as if he had done this before; he was driving under water as the van quickly began to fill up with water. I began to panic, he didn’t respond. This is actually one of the scariest way to die, for me.
    I thought to myself, this guy is going to kill himself and take me with him. I thought Lord, I don’t want to die like this. But strangely, the more that he drove, the more that I could breathe, totally submerged in the water while yet in the van. He pulled up on some land that looked like a beach; the water subsided as if we had not just came through a massive body of water; there were different people on the beach, although no one was dressed in swim wear, but in regular summer clothes. They didn’t even look like they were surprised at us coming from the water. I can’t remember if I walked out of the van or if he rolled me out. But, I was so traumatized with traveling through the water, (although I didn’t drown, but was gasping the whole trip), I can’t remember anything that happen after leaving out of the van, accept a person or 2 spoke to me as if to be welcoming me there. I woke up confused and panicky.
    I really would like to undestand this.

  4. I dreamed I was riding a bicycle and I accidentally enter and fell into a dirty water, I got up clean myself up and someone handed me a change of clothes neatly tailored and pressed I changed into it and I woke up.

  5. I have so many dreams about water, oceans, being under the sea in such a beautiful world. My last dream was I was sitting in my car watching huge waves come towards me and although I was nervous, I was excited about the journey. I remember taking a right at a stop sign and seeing military women and men while the waves of water kept coming out but everyone was friendly.

  6. I was in a car with two of my friends. We were running away from something when we bumped into this black smoke that looks like a tornado. We couldn’t see through but survive without any crash. On our way we lost control of the car and we drove into the ocean(middle of the ocean) we had a rescue team. I stayed and let my friends go because the seat was full. I was standing on something but the water kept drowning it and I was drowning. Something under the water came to rescue me i couldn’t see it face. I was on – top of it while it was swimming to get me to a safe land. But something else came after this thing and bumped into us and said i should die. They fought each other and I was drowning. The thing reached out to me and let me up. The rescue team then came along. But they only took me half way to the ocean and they gave me a life jacket. I can’t even swim to save my life but i was swimming i don’t even know how it happened. The water was coming with so much pressure and it slowed me down. Two of my friends reached out their hands to pull me out of the water but i felt like i couldn’t swim any further than that. And to crown it all, there were so many people who could’ve done something to help me but they all stood there and watched me trying to survive to reach out. This thing that was fighting the one who wanted me dead helped me reach my destination. I couldn’t see it/his face. The only thing the thing said to me was ‘you’re kind and there’s no way I’d let anything happen to you or anyone hurt you’ no only heard the voice but no face.

  7. I dreamt that my mom was driving my car and was in the back seat. The water we fell in was dirty and I was calm getting out of the car to swim up. But I couldn’t get to the top and felt like I was stuck trying to get out. Really weird dreaming something like this especially when my mom hasn’t driven in nearly 4 years.


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