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Dream about Trees? (12 Spiritual Meanings)

Trees are beautiful, magnificent things, and they are the very embodiment of nature. They also have deep symbolic meaning, and if you dream of trees, it is unlikely to be by accident.

However, interpreting trees in dreams is not always simple, so in this post, we discuss tree dream meaning to help you make sense of what you saw.

Dream about Trees

Dream about Trees

If we want to interpret dreams about trees, first, we need to think about the possible symbolism trees might have for different people. This is because how a dreamer interprets a dream can be greatly affected by what the various elements of the dream mean to them.

To most people, trees represent nature and the cycle of life – and the cyclical nature of life is reinforced by the fact that trees themselves go through a cycle of losing their leaves and then lying dormant before being “reborn” in the spring when their leaves begin to grow again.

Some trees can live for many years, and as such, they represent longevity. Some of the oldest also grow to mighty heights, representing strength and stability. The fact that they can also withstand storms symbolizes strength in adversity.

Trees are related to family – we often speak of “family trees” – and even when we move away from home, we talk about “remembering our roots”.

Since they provide shade from the sun and shelter from the rain, trees can symbolize protection, and when they grow tall, they seem to touch the sky, representing a connection between Earth and Heaven.

However, when a tree falls, it can create great destruction, meaning they can also symbolize damage and ruin – as well as looming danger.

Interpreting dreams about trees

Interpreting dreams about trees

Having looked at some of the associations we have with trees, now we can think about how to interpret various dreams in which trees feature.

  1. Strength and resilience

The mightiest trees may be buffeted by strong storms, and although they bend, they stand strong. For this reason, dreaming of a tree may be related to strength, resilience and endurance.

For example, if you are currently facing a difficult period in your life and feel as though you are under lots of stress, perhaps this dream is telling you to remain strong because the storm will eventually pass.

This kind of interpretation is especially likely if the tree in your dream is being blown about in strong winds.

The fact that trees can cause much damage if they fall can also serve as a reminder of what may happen if you crumble under the pressure you are currently under.

  1. Stability

Since trees live long lives, and many that began growing before we were born will be there long after we die, the tree in your dream may symbolize stability and longevity.

If you dream of a big, healthy tree, perhaps it is telling you that the life that you have created with your family around you is solid and set to last. It could also remind you that the relationship you are in is strong.

However, if you dream of a tall tree that is now dying, it could represent a loss of stability and an impending period of uncertainty in your life.

  1. Attachment to something

Trees send down deep roots, firmly anchoring them to the ground, and this aspect of trees in a dream could represent your attachment to something – which can be either a positive or negative message.

Perhaps if you are considering a move away from where you live, a dream that focuses on the tree’s roots might tell you that you are too attached to where you are and that you should stay put – because this is where you have put down your roots.

However, this dream might also be telling you that you are too attached to something, but that you are better off letting go.

For example, you may have experienced a breakup, and now you are finding that you can’t move on. In this case, perhaps the dream is trying to tell you to let go because you can’t stay rooted in the past for your whole life.

  1. Family bonds or a visit from a deceased relative

Family bonds or a visit from a deceased relative

Dreaming of a tree with great, spread-out branches could be a dream about family. Sometimes, we take our families for granted, but we should always take the time to maintain our strong bonds because our families are always there for us.

At the same time, a dream such as this could remind us of our responsibilities as part of our family because we are all interconnected, and we all have our roles to play.

Another possibility is that the branches represent our ancestors, so this dream could tell us a deceased loved one is trying to get in touch.

Pay attention to the date when you had the dream and ask yourself if that date has any significance – because this could be a clue as to who is trying to contact you.

  1. Protection

Trees provide protection against the sun, the wind and the rain, and protection could be the aspect of trees that your dream symbolizes – especially if you dream of sheltering beneath a tree.

Perhaps you are having a hard time at the moment, and you don’t know who to turn to. Then this dream could be telling you that your family is always there to protect you, and those closest to you are the ones you should call on first.

Alternatively, the dream could be telling you that somebody is seeking your protection – so you should find out who it is and offer them what protection and assistance you can.

  1. A tree in fall – change

If you dream of a tree in fall with its leaves changing color to oranges and reds, it is likely to indicate change. It could be that a big change is on the way, so you should prepare for it and make the most of the opportunities it brings.

  1. A tree in spring – hope and new beginnings

Dreaming of a tree in spring, just as the new leaves are beginning to sprout, is usually a symbol of hope and new beginnings.

Perhaps you have just been through a difficult period in your life, but now things are starting to look up.

In this case, your dream is telling you to look forward to the future with hope and optimism because the next phase of your life will be far more positive.

  1. A tree in winter – problems or anxiety

A tree in winter – problems or anxiety

On the other hand, dreaming of a tree in winter – one with no leaves, perhaps against a gray sky – is a less positive message. This could be a dream about the anxieties or fears you have in your life, telling you that all is not well.

If you have a dream like this, you should spend time analyzing your life to see what it could be about. And then, once you know what is causing your anxiety and stress, you should try to find ways to reduce these negative feelings that are spilling out into your dreams.

  1. A tree in summer – you are in your prime

A tree in summer is a positive symbol, and this dream tells you that you are happy, confident and in your prime.

If you have been working on an important project, this dream indicates that you will soon meet your goals, and if there is something else you have been hoping will happen, soon, your wishes will come true.

When you have a dream like this, you should also be reminded to make the most of the good times because life is cyclical, and the good times might not last forever.

  1. Climbing a tree – reaching for your goals or spiritual enlightenment

Climbing a tree is a common theme in dreams, and it represents you reaching for something.

It could be that you are climbing the tree reaching for your goals in life, and the higher you climb the closer they are.

In this case, the dream is a positive one since your goals are almost within reach. At the same time, you should be careful because, with one wrong step, you may fall and lose everything.

Alternatively, this dream could be about your spiritual development, telling you that you are growing and developing spiritually and that soon you will reach a level of spiritual enlightenment.

  1. A hollow stump – something missing from your life

If you see a hollow stump in your dream, it may tell you that something is missing from your life. Perhaps you feel lonely and you need more friends, maybe you are single and you hope to find love – or perhaps you are in a relationship, and now you want to start a family.

Only you can know what this dream is about, but through deep thought, you will come to understand its meaning.

  1. Cutting down a tree – the end of a part of your life

Cutting down a tree – the end of a part of your life

If you dream of cutting down a tree, it is most likely to be about a part of your life that is ending. However, this could be a positive thing or a negative one, so you need to pay attention to how you felt about what you were doing in the dream.

Several different ways to interpret a tree dream

As we have seen, there are several ways to interpret a dream about trees, so to understand it, you need to think deeply about what you saw and consider how it might apply to your current life situation.

Then, by allowing your intuition to guide you, the true meaning of what you dreamed will be revealed.

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