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11 Spiritual Meaning of Water in Dreams

In the spirit world, water represents emotions. It can also be a gateway between realms, and a symbol of feminine energy. But what’s the spiritual meaning of liquid water in dreams (as opposed to ice or steam?) As with all dreams, context is important, so as soon as you get up, write down all the details you remember, and try to verify your point of view in the dream. If you can’t find some signs from your dream, Nebula psychic readings help with that.”

Spiritual Meaning of Liquid Water in Dreams

1. You’re Feeling Overwhelmed in Your Waking Life

Some people love water and would grab their bikini at the slightest sign of a puddle. Others hate the feeling of getting wet, whether it’s from a summer drizzle or a soaked and shaking dog. If you’re averse to water, the dream could have a more specific meaning about unease. But what if you enjoy water sports but you dream of being attacked by large water bodies?

You might be standing on the street when someone points a pressure washer, garden hose, or hydrant in your direction. Or maybe you’re in a car or house and inexplicably massive waves are rushing your way. This means something in your waking life is overwhelming you. You could be working too hard or taking on too much responsibility. Come up for air, quick!

2. Your Unaddressed Emotions are Holding You Down

In the first example, you’re on solid land when the water comes at you. This suggests you’re confident in what you’re doing, so the water is an unexpected event. But what if you’re inside the water in your dream? Maybe you’re drowning in a swimming pool, pond, or lake. You may even have been skating on a frozen creek when it suddenly gave way beneath your feet.

In this case, the water around you represents your emotional state. There’s a feeling you’ve been consciously suppressing and it’s threatening to overpower you. Find a healthy outlet to release those pent-up sentiments. You may think your reactions to an event are inappropriate so you’re holding your feelings in. But they’re drowning you internally, and you need to escape

3. You Need to Stop Martyring Yourself for Loved Ones

Even if you’re not a swimmer, you may have seen a life-saving scene on TV. Or read about it in a book. Some experts advise that when you’re helping someone that’s drowning, it’s easier when they’re unconscious. Otherwise, they might drag you down in their panicked state and you’ll both be out for the count! If they’re thrashing, throw them a buoy, not your own arms!

So what does it mean if you dream that you’re in the water with somebody that’s drowning and they’re dragging you under? It’s your angels reminding you about air safety protocols – put on your oxygen mask before helping others with theirs. Even if it’s your granny or your kids! The dream means you’re metaphorically killing yourself to save others, so take a break!

4. You’re in Need of Serious Detox!

The most literal meaning of water is linked to its cleansing ability. So what does it mean when you dream of being at the tail end of a flood? The dream might happen in your house, office, or that restaurant you always go to with a significant other. In the dream, the flood has passed and you’re surrounded by water damage and debris as the last drops trickle.

It could be from a window that was accidentally left open, a tsunami, a hurricane, or a tap that was forgotten and overflowed. The dream means that the location needs spiritual cleansing. Maybe someone in your home or office is spreading negative energy and bringing everyone down. Or maybe you’re starting to realize your toxic friend or partner’s habits. Get out now!

5. You’re Uncovering Hidden Emotions

Let’s look at a dream that’s slightly different. As we said, water dreams can represent hidden feelings. You may be suppressing them if you’re aware of them, but they might also be so deeply repressed that you don’t even know they’re there. So while you’re awake, you feel anxious and uneasy but you don’t know why. Then at night, you start having liquid dreams.

In your dream, you may notice a significant item floating in the water close to you. Or the water may pull back from the tide, or swirl down the drain exposing something underneath. This newly revealed object is a clue to your secret sentiments, so if it’s not obvious, as your angels to explain further. A ring, for example, could show the heartbreak you’re ignoring.

6. You’re Under Someone Else’s Control

These days, most of us drive automatic cars and barely anyone knows what to do with a stick shift. And these modern vehicles can sometimes feel like they’re driving themselves! A dream involving this kind of car (or maybe you’re in an Uber or Lyft) shows that you feel you’re not fully in control of your waking life. So what does it mean if the car drives into liquid water?

In the dream space, a car typically represents your unconscious mind. That’s the stuff you’re completely unaware of, as opposed to your subconscious mind. The dream means someone or something is unknowingly managing your actions. A loved one might be manipulating you in a relationship, or someone may be sabotaging you at work. Call on the angels for details.

7. You Can Handle the Situation – Truly!

Let’s talk about the specific dream of getting into a body of water. It could be a kiddie pool or the diving platform of a boat. You’re already in a bathing suit, so a part of you knows you’re ready. The dream confirms you’ve made the decision to deal with tricky emotional situations. But how? Did you gracefully swan dive or belly flop? Did someone impatient push you in?

The dive is the best outcome because it shows you’re in charge. But if you flailed or splatted into the water, someone else is forcing your hand. This is a good candidate for lucid dream therapy. With the help of your angels or your spiritual guides, use proven techniques to activate lucidity. You can then re-experience the dream – and the feeling – on your terms.

8. You’re Swimming in Risky Waters, Pun Intended

Sources of liquid water can be natural, like an ocean or a lake. They may also be artificial, like a dam or pond. So what does it mean when you dream about falling into a man-made water spot? This can be a large tank, a cattle trough, or getting splashed by a puddle as some driver zooms by. This dream is about your material status, so it could be cash, a job, or a reputation.

The dream suggests something that you earned is about to go sideways. You’ve achieved a key milestone like starting a business or launching a project, but you’ve been skating by on beginner’s luck. Your success is not sustainable, that’s why you’re falling and/or getting muddy. Ask your higher helpers what you can do to mitigate the damage and fix things soon!

9. You’re Feeling Out of Place in Waking Life

What if the water in your dreams is contaminated? Maybe you’re drinking water and it tastes too salty. Or you open a faucet to fill your cup and dirty water comes out. Or you’re standing under the shower and the water above you turns brown. Or you’re walking down the street and someone inside the building tosses a bucket of dirty water out the window and onto you!

In these dreams, the contaminated water shows a disturbance in the force. You are clean, but the water is not, and that tells you the emotions that are soiling you aren’t yours. You could be in a new job or neighborhood where you’re secretly unwanted, so their bad feelings are washing over you. Or maybe you’re carrying someone else’s emotional baggage. Let it all go!

10. You May Have Skills You Haven’t Spotted

What could it mean when you dream that you’re breathing underwater? This may seem like a fairly straightforward message from your angels. It means you’re at peace with your feelings, right? Not necessarily. You’ll need to scour the context for this one. How did you feel in the dream? Excited? Calm? Scared? What creatures were around you? What body did you have?

You might have been a fish, which would mean your emotional state is positive and you’re in a good mental space. Or a mermaid, so it could mean you’re now comfy with the mixed parts of your personality or skill set. Or you had scuba gear, which means you’re prepared for that upcoming emotional excursion. But if you didn’t, you may have a higher EQ than you think!

11. Your Love is Unrequited – Sorry!

We’ll close with a bit of bad news – brace yourself! What if in your dream, you’re swimming in the open ocean? It’s a tough sport because of the currents. (And the sea creatures!) The pros will sometimes have a support team rowing along beside them in case they get hurt, cramped, or exhausted. But unless you’re training for a swimming marathon, this is bad.

In the dream, the water represents your feelings, and the boat crew is your significant other, whether a partner or a friend. You’re swimming alone and they’re safe on the boat. This dream means your affections are one-sided. If the feeling was mutual, they’d be in that water with you! So ask your higher helpers for the courage to gracefully walk away from this union.

When did you last have a liquid water dream? Tell us all about it in the comments section!

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  1. Water has the characteristic of transparency, and the essence of the heart is also transparency and light. Just as a mirror can reflect everything, crystals can refract all kinds of light.

  2. I had a dream right now that Jeff(the Dad) took the kids(boys 5 & 2)and In the dream I watch in a video, the boys had been dropped in the ocean. The idea was Jeff took them skydiving with an ocean landing. They had flotation devices but had to guide themselves all alone (dad no where in sight) but boys close to each other to this huge net were people/sailors helped them get onto a military ship. Jeff apparently was already on board. It was so disturbing for me to see the boys in the ocean alone catching water afraid but not panicking. I was helpless watching what they had already experienced and I was unable to help them.

  3. I had a dream I was standing in front of a window, a man was beside me and slightly behind me, as we stared out the window looking at a pool of crystal clear water. He asked if I want to get in the pool. I nodded my head as he told me to go get in a bathing suit. I ended up standing in front of a elder man, who walked up close to me, he asked the same question with comfort in his voice. I again nodded my head. Then he leaned in and whispered in my ear anyone who wants to get in my water must be spiritual cleansed


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