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Dream In a Dream? (9 Spiritual Meanings)

Experiencing a dream within a dream is a rather rare circumstance. This can often feel confusing for many people as we are not used to false awakenings, which is the process of waking into another dream. Lines can become blurred with reality, and a sense of anxiousness can become present.

In spiritual beliefs, a dream within a dream is far from a normal occurrence and is often a sign of your hidden spiritual abilities and introspection.

This may be something you already have awareness of, or it might be completely unexpected. It is also common to interpret such a dream as a direct message from the universe itself.

We will dive deeper into the different meanings of dream in a dream, what it could symbolize, what it means for you spiritually, and its interpretation in religion.

What Does it mean to have a dream in a dream? (9 Spiritual)
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What is an interpretation of dreams?

Interpreting dreams is a practice that’s almost as old as dreams themselves. It stretches across cultures, countries, and religions. Many times, the images displayed to us while we are unconscious, are thought to be our subconscious or higher self speaking to us. Others may believe it is the only time our spirit guides and ancestors are able to communicate with us. Regardless of who is trying to do the telling, it is the actual telling itself that causes us to seek out a deeper meaning of our dreams.

Many ancient societies depended on dreams to drive them forward in their decision-making or had a designated person like a high priestess or shaman that would advise on different areas of life after having dreamt about them.

What is the reason for experiencing a dream in a dream?

1. You are feeling anxious

It is quite common for our innermost thoughts, worries, and fears to manifest in our dreams.

If you have been feeling more stressed or anxious than usual, this could be one of the reasons that you are experiencing dreams within your dream. It is symbolic of the different layers of worry, and how they add to each other, causing daze, confusion, and further thinking.

Dreamers that experience this often describe it to be a very vivid dream filled with sensations.

This explanation is usually the one scientists would agree on, and If this seems to be the reason for your experience, it is advised that you try to take measures to wind down your brain and thoughts such as meditating before sleep and throughout the day, or that you play calming music or affirmations as you are drifting off to sleep.

2. The universe is trying to reach you

The universe is trying to reach you
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If you are a person that partakes in spiritual beliefs and practices, this type of dream could be chosen to have a very specific interpretation.

The reason for experiencing a dream in a dream is because the universe has an important message for you and is trying to reach you by projecting awareness that will effectively capture your attention quickly. These messages are usually received through dreams as it is easier for the universe to speak to our subconscious minds.

People who have dreams within dreams are usually highly spiritual and possess abilities on the psychic spectrum.

What does dream in a dream mean

It is important to pay attention to aspects such as what was happening in the dream, what did you dream before, and what was your state of mind before going to sleep / during that day?

If you have been having a week filled with anxiety and worry, then perhaps this is nothing to look deeper into. But if you have a spiritual outlook on your dreams, here are some interpretations.

1. False Mindset

This type of dream could be a sign that you are hiding behind a false mindset, and that there is some self-deceit in play. Maybe you aren’t living up to your true potential and it is causing damage to your soul and your purpose.

Pretending that you are feeling one way, while actually feeling the complete opposite way is another effect of self-deceit, and trying to trick yourself. Remember that this will only slow down your healing, and get in your way on your journey of self-discovery and success.

2. A clash of messages

Another reason for such a dream could be that there has been almost a clash of messages. This can happen when too many messages from the universe are coming through at once, and this speaks to your abilities. Although they are strong, they might not yet be fully developed.

Usually, this suggests abilities on the psychic spectrum, such as strong intuition and the ability to see premonitions.  Another reason this is happening could also be that the messages that are being delivered are closely tied to each other.

3. A good sign

A good sign
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If you are trying to dive deeper into this experience and decipher each dream and its meaning, it is often recommended to focus on the second dream. This is because the first dream is usually symbolic of your current situation, both in your real life and on a more spiritual level.

However, the second dream is symbolic of the things that are to come, what is lurking around the corner, and what you should be prepared for. Hopefully, the second dream is a good one, but if it isn’t, do not be scared.

The second dream, even if it is less pleasant, is still a good sign in the way that it can be seen as a warning. This could mean that the universe or your spirit guides are trying to look out for you by sending you a warning within the dream.

4. Someone else is trying to reach you

We have established that there is a strong possibility that the universe is trying to reach you when you experience having a dream within a dream. However, this could also be a message from someone in your life, or someone who has passed; possibly a family member.

Again, it is important to pay attention to the second dream, as that is often the message that is trying to reach you.

If you are having these dreams, it could be a result of your deeply connected spirit with those around you, taking on their concerns, feelings, or experiences through intuition. It is possible to discover these gifts further with tools such as lucid dreaming.

Dream in dream religious meanings

1. Dream in dream Islam meaning

In Islam, having a dream in a dream is usually telling of a wrong that you have committed. This action is clearly wrong and hurtful, however you are having difficulties coming to terms with this.

Dreams like this appear when you are having a hard time accepting your own actions and seeing the fault within them. In this context, the dream in dream experience and meaning is tied to living in your own bubble, seeing only your own right doing and not being willing to take responsibility for what you have done wrong or to upset someone else. It means that you are altering the reality of a situation to fit your own desires and beliefs.

2. Dream in dream Christianity meaning

Dream in dream Christianity meaning
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This dream is a warning of being or becoming trapped. Dreams like this are usually tied to conflicts or situations that you think have been resolved when in reality they have not. This can depend on a few different things.

It is possible that you are viewing the situation through rose-colored glasses, simply wishing and thinking for it to be over does not always make it so. This dream has been sent to you to show you the truth. It is also possible that this dream is trying to show you that the person you are in conflict with has not truly moved on from the issue, even though it may appear this way to you.

Simply put, you are living in your own perception and only viewing things from your perspective. Reach out and try to make amends, while being considerate of how your actions have affected everyone involved.

Dream in dream general meaning

Overall, to have a dream within a dream is a sign of receiving a message, communication, and guidance. Regardless of your personal beliefs, this dream has shown itself to carry similar interpretations through different spiritual beliefs and religions.

If you have a dream within a dream, remember to assess this by looking at the world around you, the people you share it with, and your place in this reality. It is important to take responsibility for your actions and listen closely to the messages that are being shown to you.

Do not forget that dreams are simply metaphors for the things they portray, and to not take most dreams literally. It is also important to remember that no dream interpretations fit other dreams of the same kind.

Dreams are almost like unique and personal movies, where your wakefulness state and the circumstances of your everyday life play a large part in how your dream’s contents and meanings appear and apply.

How your dreams reflect your waking life

Your dreams and the dream world are powerful tools and experts in translating the thoughts, emotions, and feelings of your waking life, into your subconscious.

Some of the time these can symbolize feelings of deep fear, worry, and self-doubt in your waking life.

Other times they may be signs of joy, contentment, and prosperity. There is also a portion of dreams that could come to you as warnings or a premonition.

What Does it mean to have a dream in a dream? (9 Spiritual)
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  1. When u dream two black widow one gets away my husband kills one ….that I have been separated form my husband for 8 years wake up crying and scared Wht does a black widow mean

  2. When u dream two black widow one gets away my husband kills one ….that I have been separated form my husband for 8 years wake up crying and scared Wht does a black widow mean

    • It’s normal to fear events that you feel you can’t control, but there is no need to. Black widows represent feminine energy. In this case, you are looking at two versions of yourself. One black widow got away and the other is dead- you are the black widow that got away. Reclaim your confidence and know that your dreams are trying to help you realize these important messages. Never fear. Best wishes.

  3. I had a dream I was dreaming in my dream and as I woke up from that dream in my dream a bad spirit from that dream in my dream had come out into my dream, It had no face but it’s energy was very dark and scary? Please help me understand

  4. Dream journal

    Just woke up from a dream within a dream the secondary dream I was in was me walking into my childhood room seeing it was set up partially with a big sign on the face of a stand holding several items on my dresser they were colorful but I don’t remember what the items were it read something like happy birthday as I explore my old room I notice more and more bugs first horned beetles, then crickets, then this huge pile of little tiny red bugs began to grow in the middle of my floor it was so nasty looking. My reaction to the beetles and other bugs was for me to get onto the top of my dresser which has now moved to the center of my room as to not fall into or step on these bugs and insects as my mom went around the room trying to clean them out. Next part of the dream kind of comes out of no where there is no transition I just find myself there I’m still in my room but it’s almost as if my closet has turned into some jungle temple room that houses a puzzle that protects some ancient relic or something. As I examine the walls of this room I find a stone square in the wall about the size of a large hand with markings on it. I push it into the wall like a large button and then slide it upwards into the wall and it reveals a space in the wall with a little iron cast figure of a pale Japanese woman in a kimono in a graceful dance pose at this point the dream changes and it’s vague for a bit I think I go back to avoiding more bugs trying to keep my balance on the dresser occasionally falling onto the ground or my bed looking back where I fell when I do to see if I landed on a beetle or something I repeat this for a while even take a nap on the bed in the room as I remember waking up on that bed examining my surroundings for bugs there was none on the bed this happens until I find myself back in this temple room with the feeling there’s something else to find something more hidden another puzzle to solve and so I begin to feel along the walls again until I find another panel of stone with markings on it I push it into the wall and slide it up to reveal another panel which I push into the wall and slide to the side I do this with several more panels until I finally get to what’s behind them it’s a little space in the wall behind the slabs/panels there lay a music box very small one I opened it and there was in the center of the small wooden box two tiny tiny little screw heads sticking out of the wooden center I somehow thought these would be connected to the figure I found and assumed the little screws is where I would place the feet of the figure I found I did this and the figure popped right into place i then looked out of the ruin part of my room presumably my closet and there was a woman resembling the figure on a love seat style couch in my room now she was laying in a way that made her look ill or sick and then looked up and said thank you then I was given a premonition a vision of sorts, showing me there was other items this vision was narrated by some kind of voice saying in the house to find weapons these long lost weapons of great power after a few seconds I come to standing there, looking at the woman on my loveseat. She quickly turns on me, saying, I am trying to deceive her and that I am not trying to help her. She then takes form of a no faced to white and black color energy being I make an attempt to run I run by the bathroom and see inside somebody that was in my dream earlier I don’t believe to be my mom, but they are huddled over the counter, holding their face in the mirror. Their body is old and decrepit now and they have no face once I realize this something inside me tells me there is no hope for me so I decide to charge at the creature in the room I ran at it screaming kill me just kill me please at which point I experience a false awakening into what I thought was reality I was explaining my dream to some sort of doctor or spiritual guide. If I remember correctly as this part is very vague and cloudy, then I just wake up and realize it was all a dream.

  5. I had a dream within a dream….. so I was dreaming I can’t remember exactly what the dream was about just very minor details…… like a bus, me trying to help people, my mother(who is alive) and a very close friend of mine (who is also alive)and some strangers, doing laundry and staying at a place we were checking out to rent out…. The dream was very intense very very intense that it caused me to “wake up”…. Well I thought I woke up because I was still dreaming and this part of the dream I remember very well….. I jumped out of my sleep almost like I was having a nightmare. I looked over to me very close friend and we start talking about the dream as if it was an event that was happening in “real life”. But then I said to him wait a minute we were just having the same dream at the same time and we are talking about it…. I told him this isn’t normal we have to have the same dream…. I started saying things in the dream like we have to pray because a dream like that and we both having it waking up at same time is not usually something isn’t right… then I’m looking at the wall where a roach is climbing into a hole in the wall… and I looked over at him and said we absolutely not getting this place (we were in an unfamiliar place while looking for a place) matter of fact we have to call my mother and see if she had this dream too…. When I was saying this and getting ready to call my mother my son walked in my room and truly woke me up…. Which I’m awake now completely confused cause this makes no sense…. I never had a dream within a dream and it was intense and I can’t remember it I have no idea what happened exactly except that it was super intense and had me literally feeling in a race…. What could this mean….. I know this has so much importance I can feel it and yet I don’t know what it is…


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