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Dream About Snake Biting & Attacking You? (25 Spiritual Meanings)

Often a characterization of your unconscious thoughts and wish fulfillments, dreams are quite intriguing and extremely interesting to decipher. And if you had a dream of a snake biting and attacking you, knowing its interpretation may be enough to appease your inquisitiveness.

What Does It Mean To dream About Snake Biting And Attacking You
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Snakes in a dream

Before we get into details, let’s first discuss the interpretation of snake dreams. As a key symbol in mythological cultures and even biblical references, snakes represent a lot of things. If we reference the bible, snakes or serpents are illustrated as deceptive creatures.

These animals symbolize temptation and deception, promoting negativity and betrayal. In other beliefs, snakes are considered a bad omen, embodying evil or death. But despite being labeled as evil in most cultures and biblical passages, are these enough to ultimately classify these creatures as negative?

Well, we can’t dismiss the fact that snakes regularly shed their skin. Accordingly, some presume that snakes are a positive omen as they epitomize transformation, personal growth, or rebirth. With the various interpretations at hand, it’s important to have an open mind and focus more on your waking life.

Interpretation of a snake biting and attacking you in a dream

Interpretation of a snake biting and attacking you in a dream
Liquids and Solids

Snakebite dreams are generally characterized as warnings. It often occurs when you take notice of something that you have been ignoring. In addition, a dream of a snake bite could be associated with a situation that may cause you harm.

However, the location of the snake bite as well as the color of the snakes may have different interpretations. A dreamer’s emotions during his or her subconscious state could also alter the dream’s meaning.

So, let’s get started with the explanation of your dream depending on the location of the snake bite.

  1. Face (vanity) ― points out your unhealthy focus on beauty and body, which may lead to neglect of your spiritual journey. It could also mean that you are judging someone because of their appearance.
  2. Lips (betrayal) ― connotes your fear of infidelity, either by your partner or someone special to you. This could be through cheating on you or slandering your name.
  3. The left eye (unconscious sight) ― signifies your intuition or sixth sense. Try to listen to your inner wisdom and make use of your gut feeling so you’ll be more confident in making decisions, even in a rapidly changing situation.
  4. The right eye (conscious sight) ― implies that you are disregarding the truth even if it’s right in front of you. Turning a blind eye can be risky, so it’s better to confront the problem than keep on avoiding it.
  5. Neck (bottled-up communication) ― purports your inability to speak the truth because of your fear of rejection. Consequently, this takes a toll on your emotions. It could also mean that someone you know is talking behind your back.
  6. The left arm (unconscious capability) ―symbolizes your unconscious strength and power. Your dream is a sign to let go of false beliefs and focus on your inner strength instead.
  7. Right arm (conscious capability) ― embodies your pride and too much focus on your strength. It’s never wrong to get support from your family and friends. Asking for help is not a weakness but rather an emblem of your openness and trust in other people.
  8. Left hand (inner clarity) ― indicates your inner knowing, which means you are bound to discover a deeper meaning about yourself that you haven’t known in the past. In addition, it implies your fear of receiving something from someone.
  9. Right hand (outer clarity) ― refers to your intellect and how you perceive real life. It brings your attention to elements surrounding you that you haven’t observed before. This dream could also mean that you need to be careful when it comes to giving so you won’t be taken advantage of.
  10. Knees or elbows (flexibility) ― represents your fear of keeping up with changes. Your dream entails your stubbornness in accepting new challenges, leaving you stationary and undeveloped. Sometimes, it’s important to go with the flow and let the universe takes its course.
  11. Chest (heart matters) ― characterizes your fear of opening your heart to someone. Consequently, your fear to commit to someone may bring your heartache.
  12. Left leg (inner growth) ― indicates that something is inhibiting your spiritual path or distracting your growth. This could be a sign that you need to focus on your journey to attain inner peace.
  13. Right leg (outer growth) ― connotes the uncertainties in your decisions or your life in general. This fear hinders your growth and ability to achieve your desires.
  14. Left foot (merit related to your purpose in life) ― emphasizes the importance of revisiting your core principles. When making a decision, staying true to your core will never disappoint you.
  15. Right foot (merit levied by others on you) ― takes on the significance of evaluating if your values still correspond to what you believe now. This can be tricky as people change. But even with the changes, as long as you believe in yourself without stepping on boundaries, you are right on track.

Aside from the location, the type of snake in your dream may be interpreted differently. We will cover the meaning of a venomous and non-venomous snake bite for easy reference:


Dreaming of a venomous snake bit may be considered possibly fatal in real life. A snake venom generally points out a weak section of your life, which is caused by false beliefs or sometimes attacks by people you know.

Because of the venom, there might be a substantial blow to your personal or professional undertakings. However, the impact varies depending on the color of the snake. For instance, a black snake serves as a wake-up call for you to prioritize and accomplish important things.

A white snake bite, on the other hand, means that you are not fully trusting yourself. You should reconnect spiritually for good karma to come back. Brown snakes may be linked with overbearing relationships, toxic lifestyles, sickness, and addiction.

Meanwhile, yellow snake bites indicate that someone is testing your personal power. It could also represent your insecurity and incapacity to do your tasks. For green snakes, it takes on the financial aspect of your life, perhaps you are having problems financially or you feel you are not successful enough.


A non-venomous snake is often non-threatening, though it is primarily associated with how you use your words. Remember, words are like knives and if these aren’t used properly, they can hurt people. Your dream suggests that you may have offended someone in the past because of careless arguments.

While this may be harmless, this situation can still bring up negative energy. It has a significant impact on people’s emotions, so you should be sensible with your words.

Another interpretation is that someone you know is smearing your reputation behind your back. Betrayal is also linked if it is your pet snake that is biting or attacking you. Therefore, you have to be careful in trusting someone.

Specific Snakes in your Dream

Specific Snakes in your Dream
Liquids and Solids

Sometimes, our dreams can be very specific. So, it’s best if we also give interpretations of two specific snakes and their meaning.

  1. Cobra snake bite ― reveals the inner power that can either help or hurt you. That is why it’s important that you deal with your inner emotions properly. Don’t let your feelings overpower your principles and objectives. Learn meditation or seek help from a professional.
  2. Rattlesnake bit ― manifests a warning about a potential danger that may occur in real life. Rattlesnakes are primarily venomous, and dreaming of this creature biting you means that you have to pay attention to what is happening in your life carefully.

Scenarios of a snake bite dream

To help you comprehend the meanings, we have listed down the possible scenarios associated with a dream of snakebite.

1. The snake attacking you did not cause any harm

If you did not get hurt with the snake bite, this means that you have overcome your unruly past―maybe a traumatic memory that has been bothering and hurting you for a long time. This dream affirms a new chapter in your life, leaving the difficult times behind. Furthermore, it highlights your healing and growth as a person.

2. The snake biting you more than once

Getting bitten by a snake twice implies that you are purposely staying in a difficult situation even if it’s causing you pain. You are aware of the condition but you continue to disregard the signs. This dream is highly relevant, especially if you are a victim of emotional abuse or addiction.

Being in an arduous cycle can be very exhausting. And sooner or later, this will take a toll on your mental health. One of the reasons why you can’t break free from the pattern is because of false belief systems and reform promises, along with fear, guilt, and lack of self-esteem.

If you are bitten by a snake multiple times, try to assess your current situation. Are you continuously hurt by someone you know? Or perhaps you are hurting? While this is a tough problem, this needs to be addressed as soon as possible. Be truthful to your difficulties and get the support that you need.

Because of the weight of this dream, it’s best not to ignore it, especially if you’re stuck within the cycle of abuse or addiction. Use it as a sign to confront and surpass your fear.

On the other hand, if you see someone else getting bitten by a snake twice or multiple times, it may be an indication of a person’s cry for help. Try to reconnect with them and ask if they need any help. A simple message of support means a lot to people who are struggling.

3. The dream itself is not frightening

Scenarios of a snake bite dream
Liquids and Solids

Dreams are pretty magical and almost all impossible things can happen like flying or doing knees wobbling activities without getting hurt! And if in your dream, the snake bite did not give any terrorizing feeling, this is a good omen. It suggests that you are in a healthy situation or in a healing stage.

Additionally, it may mean that a toxic person has not fully reached their dangerous peak. Henceforth, they can still be saved. Give support to a person that you know is grieving or trapped within a vicious cycle. Your help goes a long way toward their recovery.

4. The dream itself is very frightening

Snake dreams are generally terrifying. And if you experienced immense fright during your dream, it could be a signal that you need to reevaluate your choices and distinguish the main factor reason that is causing you to stress in your life.

The emotions you feel during your subconscious state are crucial. The terrorizing feeling in your dream may be considered an immediate threat that you need to address as soon as possible.

5. The snake bite causes a wound

This dream likely points out the significance of your health. You may be experiencing health problems in real life or maybe you are in a state of emotional instability. But with support from the people you love, you are on the road to recovery.

The biting marks also indicate that you are a victim of harsh remarks from others. If this is an accurate representation of your current situation, try to be more open-minded. Use this as a learning experience to grow and try to confront the perpetrators.

6. The snake bit you while you’re pregnant

A snake bite dream, while you’re pregnant, denotes your anxiety about doing something new and taking risks in general. Being vulnerable and letting life take its course can be frightening, but it brings so many possibilities. You’ll never know if you don’t try.

So, if you are contemplating whether to accept a new challenge, take this as a sign and start with your journey towards development. Don’t limit yourself from learning and getting insight from your experiences in life.


Since snake dreams stem from your imagination, it’s important that you won’t dwell too much on their meaning. You may use it as a precaution but make sure you distinguish it from reality. Focusing solely on dream interpretations may negatively impact your life.

So, make decisions that are in accordance with your core values and aspirations. And in doing so, don’t step on other people’s beliefs and learn how to respect them.

What Does It Mean To dream About Snake Biting And Attacking You
Liquids and Solids

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