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Dreams About Family Members You Don’t Talk To? (7 Spiritual Meanings)

Dreams about family members you don’t talk to are some most common dreams that everyone sooner or later encounters.

Of course, in order to be in a position to have this dream, we must first have a relative with whom we do not speak, but that’s not so rare either. Who among us does not have a family member with whom they aren’t on good terms?

These dreams are important to understand because they reveal a lot about us and our relationships with the people in our lives.

Finding out things about yourself is always interesting, isn’t it? And the relationships with the people in our lives are what make this life precious and worth living, so it’s not bad to learn a thing or two on that topic as well. Let us get started!

Dreams About Family Members You Don't Talk To? (7 Spiritual Meanings)
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What Does It Mean When You Dream Of Family Members You Don’t Talk To?

1. You’re Feeling Lonely

Family is the most important thing we have in life. After all, these are the people with whom we spend the most time during our lives. They support us in our good and bad moments, but also in many of those moments that can be characterized as ordinary or every day, i.e., they’re always there for us.

When you have this kind of relationship with a family member, they kind of become your best friend, even though you might not label them like that. Now imagine your own life where you stop talking to one or more of those best friends. That would be a hard and lonely life.

To dream of a family member who you don’t talk to may mean that you feel lonely in your waking life. Maybe you feel that way precisely because you no longer speak to some of your relatives, but it is also possible that you have found yourself in a period when you don’t have many people around you, in general.

Such negative emotions are difficult to deal with, especially in the modern world, whose speed doesn’t care about anyone’s loneliness and mental health.

2. You Have Unresolved Issues With Someone From Your Past

Dreaming about relatives we don’t talk to anymore doesn’t necessarily have to do something about the persons in the dreams. Sometimes those people are just symbols for other people and feelings from real life. And what could they represent?

Well, seeing people with whom we no longer talk in our dreams can mean that we have some unresolved issues or unfinished business that are bothering us. Those issues could be with an old lover, a friend from childhood, or a former work colleague with whom we didn’t part ways in the most pleasant or friendly way.

You probably haven’t heard from that person in a long time, but the way your relationship ended doesn’t give you peace of mind, and you feel like you need closure. So, maybe it’s time to ring them up?

3. You Need To Change Your Environment

You Need To Change Your Environment
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Heraclitus said that nothing is permanent except change. So, as we go through life, we, the people around us, our environment, and the circumstances that accompany it all change.

As we change, so do our opinions about certain people; because of some of those opinions, we begin to distance ourselves from them. We start to think that they are harming us, using us, or that we just don’t get along anymore.

However, just because we have changed and have a different opinion about someone doesn’t make that opinion right.

Sometimes change happens for the better, but definitely not always. Dreaming of family members you don’t talk to can be a message from your subconscious mind, saying that the people you have surrounded yourself with or the environment you are in isn’t the best for you.

Maybe those people you used to hang out with before were a better company for you, but you couldn’t see that at the moment when you cut ties with them. Think a little bit – could your subconscious be right?

4. You Don’t Know How To Move On

This type of dream can be an indication that you are a person who doesn’t know how to leave things in the past and move forward with life.

Arguments, quarrels, and parting ways are an integral part of life. There’s no law saying that every person who enters your life must stay in it until the end. And even if such a law existed, people would break it. Either way, with some people, things just don’t work out. The same applies to jobs, homes, pets, cars, schools, etc.

Yes, you may have spent years with a person and consider them one of the closest in your life, but everything comes to an end.

Maybe you didn’t manage to keep your dream job due to circumstances out of your control. You graduated from school, and now you’re missing “good old times” because your current life isn’t as fun as it used to be.

The relative in your dream you haven’t been talking to for some time symbolizes one of the scenarios described above. Sometimes you simply have to accept the bitter truth that your current relationship, job, or location is worse than your past one.

5. You Have Suffered A Great Loss

You can’t choose your family. Whatever they are, our family members are our blood, and we must accept them. Of course, this doesn’t mean that we will always get along with everyone, but the vast majority of people try to have good relations with all their relatives.

However, sometimes we stop talking with some of the family members who are closest to us, which is a great loss for anyone. After all, an important person leaves your life.

Dreaming of a relative with whom we aren’t in contact because we’re quarreling can mean that you have recently suffered a significant loss that has hit you hard.

Of course, this loss can come in a million shapes and forms. Perhaps you have not been approved for a visa to work or stay abroad, or a great business idea you had flopped in a way you could have never predicted. It is also possible that someone from your family or circle of friends has passed away.

Whatever your situation may be, it is obvious that it hurts and doesn’t give you peace at night and not only during the day. Therefore, you will have to learn to deal with this loss but also turn it into even a small victory by drawing some lessons from it that you could use in the future.

6. You Aren’t At Peace With Yourself

You Aren't At Peace With Yourself
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Although most dreams are just one big mess of unrelated events, the ones in which we see ourselves are still a little easier to decipher because we can connect what we experienced in a dream with what is happening to us and what we think about.

Dreaming of other people is a whole different story when it comes to finding out the meanings and interpretations! However, those dreams also have something to do with us because why would we see them after all?

The relative that we see in a dream sometimes actually represents us. And the fact that we don’t talk to them means we aren’t at peace with ourselves.

It is one of the most difficult things to solve because when it comes to issues with other people, it’s always easier to blame them for the conflict, even when they aren’t at fault.

But admitting to yourself that you don’t like some parts of your personality and then trying to change them is something few dare to do since people don’t want to show any insecurity.

7. You Want To Make Peace With Someone

Who among us doesn’t have a close person with whom they at least once didn’t argue and stop talking?

When that person is someone close, such as an old friend or family member, sooner or later, we start regretting that we got into the situation of not talking to them. But sometimes it’s hard to get over some things that were said and done, which ends in both sides suffering.

Situations like this may result in your dreaming of one of your relatives with whom you don’t speak.

Maybe you actually had an argument with the person you dreamed about, but that person can also represent someone else with whom you aren’t talking but would like to reconcile. We know it’s hard to take the first step in a case like this, but do it, don’t let dreams like this bother you anymore.


Dreaming of a family member you don’t talk to is one of those dreams that may surprise us a little but neither cheers nor scares us. Its meanings are not particularly positive, but also not overly negative, since this dream can mean that you need to change your environment, find some friends, or have unresolved issues in your past or with yourself.

It can also be a sign that you have problems with moving on with life, but also that you may want to reconcile with someone with whom you aren’t on good terms anymore. Finally, this dream can be interpreted as a big loss that happened to you recently.

Did these insights help you? Have you perhaps stopped talking to your mom, grandparents, or aunt but then seen them in a dream? Tell us in the comments!

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4 thoughts on “Dreams About Family Members You Don’t Talk To? (7 Spiritual Meanings)”

  1. I had a dream about my auntie , cousins , we had a misunderstanding years back , since then , they don’t talk to me , my aunt paid me school fees since childhood. When I gave birth at 19years , she became mad at me up now, in the dream, they seem like they want me or talk to me , then my cousin says she want to talk to me then I woke up

  2. I’ve a a dream a couple of times that involved one of my children being with me at a young age. I’m lost and I can’t get a hold of anyone because I’ve lost my phone and bag. That’s where I also kept an address book with all my phone numbers in in case something happened to my phone. But this time I lost everything. And I couldn’t find anyone to help me. Everyone, even strangers I asked for help didn’t want to believe I lost all my personal belongings I had with me. They all thought I was lying and that I was homeless.

  3. Last night I woke up out of my dream around four in the morning when I went back to sleep it was a different dream. One where I see an aunt I haven’t seen in years, there was a terrible life altering incident back then where everyone was kind of forced to pick a side without even meaning to. Our family was really close when I was younger and she was my favorite aunt on my fathers’ side. I’ve talked to her at least twice through text messages over the years and she sends me birthday wishes on my birthday but that’s about it. I see her son every time I go back to my hometown. Well my father recently died, I haven’t spoken to him either. Suddenly she appears in my dream with my cousins’ baby, who I’ve babysat a few times, saying she’s stopping in for a visit.

  4. Yes I stop talking to my mom, aunt, grandmother because I found out that they sold our virginity to demon from baby stage so we all got married and went abroad


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