Liquids & Solids Spirit ยป Dream About Glass In Mouth? (10 Spiritual Meanings)

Dream About Glass In Mouth? (10 Spiritual Meanings)

Dreaming about a mouthful of glass can be quite disturbing. Sometimes these dreams are painful, stressful, and nightmare-like in nature. They can leave us feeling uneasy, make us wake up in cold sweat, and even linger as we try to go about our day.  

Dreaming about glass in your mouth is anything but enjoyable. But, what could such dreams mean?  

What Does It Mean To Dream About Glass In My Mouth? (10 Spiritual)
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What are dream interpretations? 

Interpreting dreams is a practice that’s almost as old as dreams themselves. It stretches across cultures, countries, and religions. Many times, the images displayed to us while we are unconscious are thought to be our subconscious mind or higher self speaking to us. Others may believe it is the only time our spirit guides and ancestors are able to communicate with us. Regardless of who is trying to do the telling, it is the actual telling itself that causes us to seek out the deeper meaning of our dreams.

Many ancient societies depended on dreams to drive them forward in their decision-making or had a designated person like a high priestess or shaman that would advise on different areas of life after having dreamt about them.  

Different dreams about eating glass

Dreams are never as simple as only one action. Here we have gathered a few different variations of glass in mouth dreams, including the most common dreams of this sort.

1. Dream about mouth full of glass  

Dreaming that you have a mouth full of glass usually symbolizes a lack of control. It could mean that you have unknowingly given someone too much information about sensitive subjects. A mouth full of glass could also be telling of someone trying to manipulate you, or that you are facing setbacks.

2. Dream about chewing on glass  

Dreaming that you are chewing on glass, chewing on breaking glass, or chewing on sharp glass are all signs of pride. You would rather chew the broken glass and hurt yourself in the process rather than spit it out and save yourself the pain. This is a sign that you need to let go of your own stubbornness and pride regarding a certain situation, in order to be able to move forward. Spit out the glass!

3. Dream about choking on glass  

Dreaming of choking on glass or pulling out shards of glass from your throat could be a sign that the things you are saying are hurtful towards others. This dream is telling you to think before you speak, and to value other people’s opinions on the effect that your words have on them.

Dream about choking on glass  
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4. Dream about having a mouth full of glass teeth

Dreaming of having a mouth full of glass teeth can be a sign of poor communication with the people in your life. This dream about glass objects could be in reference to a partner, a friend, or a family member.

Glass teeth symbolize fragility and failure to function properly in the moments where you have to talk about your feelings. This may be affecting the people around you, as well as yourself, more than you think.  

5. Dream about someone else choking on glass  

This dream can vary in meaning depending on who the person that is choking on the glass is.  

  • Close friend 

This dream delivers a feeling of helplessness. This person is going through a difficult time and is having even greater difficulty expressing their need for help and advice. Check in on your friends to make sure they are okay, as they may not always be comfortable reaching out for help when it is needed.  

  • Stranger  

Maybe your community is suffering, or the state of the world is getting to you more than you think. This is a perfect time to organize and give back! Reach out to your community, neighborhood, school, or workplace to try to implement some good tactics or charity.  

6. Dream about glass breaking off in your mouth  

Dreaming of having glass break off in your mouth could be a sign of your over-ambition.  

You might have bitten off more than you can chew. This dream often points to a situation regarding your career. You might be experiencing stress from overworking yourself, or from recently having taken on new responsibilities that have proven to be harder to handle than you initially thought.  

Dream about glass breaking off in your mouth 
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7. Dream of pulling glass out of your mouth  

This dream can vary in meaning and has many different interpretations. Here are some of the more common ones:

  • Control your temper 

This dream can be a sign of your temper being too erratic and intense lately. Try to look back on your interactions over the past couple of weeks. Learn how to control your fits of anger and rage, as your bluntness could result in hurting someone.  

  • Forgiveness and letting go  

Pulling glass out of your mouth or throat can be a sign of finally removing something that was bothering you. It could be symbolic of your journey of learning to let things go, and finally putting down or removing the weight of what you carried with you for so long.

This dream could be a sign of reassurance, and that you have made the right choice in choosing to forgive and move on.  

  • Rebirth and rejuvenation  

This meaning is slightly connected to the previous dream interpretation of pulling glass out of your mouth. This is a time to reconsider new ways of approaching your goals in life, as well as a new time to be open to learning new things and focusing on new achievements. This can symbolize a fresh start in your life, and reassurance that you are heading in the right direction.  

  • Feeling emotionally repressed  

pulling glass out of your mouth could also be a sign that you are feeling emotionally repressed, or that your emotional needs are not being met.  

Glass in mouth dream religious meanings

Glass in mouth dream religious meanings
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1. Glass in mouth dream meaning in Islam  

Dreaming of glass in mouth according to Islamic interpretations can be a sign of anxiety, stress, or depression. Broken glass means that these feelings are not a reason to worry, as they are small and likely to go away with time. Broken glass in Islam is often a symbol of the desire to break rules and limitations placed upon you in your waking life.  

Glass can also be symbolic of women and is often connected to news of pregnancy and new life. To dream of broken glass can be a sign that there will be some hardships for a new mother or a mother-to-be. It can also symbolize the fetus itself, and that the health of the fetus is at risk.  

2. Glass in mouth dream meaning in Christianity  

There is a duality to this interpretation. Broken glass in mouth or eating glass dream meaning according to Christian interpretations can be a sign of danger, and something that requires your immediate attention. This can be pointing to any decisions you have to make or anything that has the power to threaten your stability.  

Sometimes the fear and uncertainty of not knowing, or not being sure about certain choices can feel dangerous. This dream tells you that taking a risk is not always bad, but to remain cautious. The choice you make may also affect the stability of others.  

On the other hand, one small decision can change everything for the better. And if you are finding yourself currently feeling trapped or stuck in a situation where the type of stability feels suffocating, this dream could be a sign that it is time to shake things up.

Regardless of the risk you choose to take, remember to remain safe and proceed with caution throughout the entire process, especially if helpless people or children are at risk of being affected by your choices.  

Dream about glass in mouth general meaning
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Dream about glass in mouth general meaning

Overall, the meaning of this dream is to interpret it as a warning. It can serve as a warning regarding your own emotions, thoughts, and desires. It can also serve as a metaphor for upcoming choices, telling you to be cautious of the things you say and how you act towards others.

Dreaming about glass in your mouth can be related to your fear of reaching out for help, or speaking up for yourself. It can also symbolize the hardships and obstacles that your community is facing and their need for you to become involved and give back through acts of service.  

How your dreams reflect your waking life

Your dreams are a powerful tool and an expert on translating the thoughts, emotions, and feelings of your waking life, into your subconscious. Some of the time these can symbolize feelings of deep fear, worry, bad luck and self-doubt in your waking life. Other times they may be signs of joy, contentment and prosperity. There is also a portion of dreams that could come to you as warnings or premonitions.  

What Does It Mean To Dream About Glass In My Mouth? (10 Spiritual)
Liquids and Solids

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