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Dream About the Same Person? (7 Spiritual Meanings)

Do you dream of the same person over and over again?

It’s normal to dream about your loved ones, ex-boyfriend, work colleagues, or even individuals you’ve never crossed paths with before.

But if a specific person keeps popping up in your dream, you can’t help but think there’s a  reason behind the recurring vision. You are right, there is!

Here, we will guide you on the spiritual meaning of dreaming about the same person. Trust us, this article is eye-opening.

Dream About the Same Person? (7 Spiritual Meanings)
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Dreaming of The Same Person: Spiritual Meaning

Having dreams of the same person might seem like a nightmare. But psychologists argue these dreams are quite normal. In fact, Carl Jung believes that recurring dreams play a crucial role in the integration of the psyche.

According to Gestaltist dream theory, such dreams stand for your current state of psychic or spiritual imbalance. Your unconscious mind brings this imbalance to your attention via recurrent dreams. As a result, you can restore self-balance.

With that in mind, here are seven reasons you might dream of the same person every time you’re in your REM sleep state.

1. Unresolved Issues

Most people go through life with unresolved issues. But over time, these issues come out and create a mess that’s hard to handle. One way unresolved issues can resurface is through your dreams.

If you dream of someone repeatedly, whether it’s a childhood friend, ex-lover, or deceased parent, it’s a sign of unfinished business.

Probably there’s a problem that rose from a past conflict between you and your parents or spouse, which you never dealt with effectively. Now the nagging emotions are taking up your head space and creeping into your subconscious mind, leading to recurring dreams.

Your best solution here is to deal with the pending matters. Contact the involved party and see if you two can work out a solution. If you lack the courage to do so, a letter can do the trick.

In the case of a dead lover or parent, write the unresolved businesses on a piece of paper, and burn it to release its negative energy to the universe.

2. Spiritual Connection

People experience spiritual connection in different ways. Some by connecting with living things, Mother Earth and ancestors, and others through meditation or taking part in traditional or religious ceremonies. But when you dream of a person repeatedly, it means you two have a strong spiritual connection.

The dream’s meaning might seem farfetched but allow us to explain it further. Psychologists believe that sometimes our souls get split into two bodies, hence the concept of twin flames.

These bodies usually have an intense soul connection, in that they mirror each other. Twin flames often have the same strengths and weaknesses and feel intensely connected over pain, trauma, insecurities, etc.

That said, the person you constantly dream of might be your twin flame. Although you’re not together in real life, chances are, something feels so familiar about the person. That’s a sign your souls are united by something stronger that you can’t put into words.

On the positive side, your twin is likely thinking of you, too. While you might not meet this individual during your waking hours, your souls can connect in the dream world.

3. Messy Breakup

Messy Breakup
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It’s hard to find someone who hasn’t been in a breakup. Breakups are difficult, especially the messy and gut-wrenching ones. Besides the pain and intense feeling of loss, you might feel like you’re parting with your hopes and dreams. This holds especially if the relationship has spanned for a considerable time.

If your soulmate ended the relationship unexpectedly without providing you a reason, you might end up asking yourself endless questions, blaming yourself, and even feeling victimized by the whole affair.

You may also develop feelings of rejection and hurt, especially if you often turned to your ex-lover for security, love, and comfort. These emotions might compel you to have repetitive dreams of your ex-girlfriend.

Do you find this relatable? If so, try talking with your good friend or other people you trust, like close relatives. Just a heads up, while you can talk to everyone about the breakup, from siblings to strangers, be cautious with whom you’re sharing your pain, doubts, grief, and sorrows.  

You can also seek guidance from a licensed relationship counselor to get over the messy breakup and things that still hurt your feelings.

We can’t promise that the dreams will stop tormenting you. However, you will cope much better with the negative emotions and overcome anxiety and depression as time passes.

4. Deeply Rooted Trauma

Another spiritual meaning of dreams about the same person is deep-rooted trauma. Physical and emotionally traumatic experiences often leave people with overwhelming feelings of stress, anxiety, and depression that won’t go away.

These events can cause you a lot of pain and insecurities, making you feel helpless in this dangerous world. In addition, you might feel disconnected and unable to trust people anymore.

To protect you from the effect of traumatic events, your conscious mind blocks the memories of the trauma through a process called dissociation. It’s a way for the brain to detach itself from the reality of real life.

The suppressed memories form the foundation for nightmares or recurrent vivid dreams as they try to reappear on the surface of the real world.

5. Providing Comfort

Have you ever noticed some individuals can make you feel happy, enthusiastic, calm, and relaxed? This person can be your partner in your current relationship, close friend, or sibling.

When this individual is not around or close to you, you might dream of them repeatedly. That’s because you crave the sense of comfort and security they provide.

Probably you think about them all the time and would give the world to hear their voice again or enjoy their company. If that’s so, your unconscious mind brings that person to your dreamscape to offer you the comfort you desire.

6. Message From the Universe

Message From the Universe
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The universe communicates with us all the time. The problem is most people cannot pick up on the various ways the universe sends us messages because they’re too distracted or disconnected.

So, your dreams of the same person could be the universe trying to send you a message. In science, a dream is your subconscious mind acting up when your body and mind rest. But in spirituality, dreams act as the link between you and the universe.

Through dreams, you can connect to something greater than your individuality. You can communicate with the universe or guardian angels. The universe can also communicate back.

The catch lies in dream interpretation since the universe speaks in a mysterious language that seems hard to decipher. Therefore, you need to identify patterns and consistencies in your dreams to understand the message. That’s where a dream journal comes in.

Recurrent dreams of someone, whether it’s your current partner or a dead person, are a good sign from the universe. The dream hints toward good times ahead. However, you need to address your inner unresolved feelings.   

7. Missing Someone

Another simple explanation for why you keep having dreams about someone is that you miss that individual in your waking life.

Maybe the person–let’s say your friend- has moved to a new country for a job, and now you feel alone and lost suddenly. You will continue having the same dream until you get used to living without your friend.

The same can happen when you lose a friend, parent, or lover to death. Although they are not in the world of the living anymore, your subconscious mind still remembers them.

The dream is also a sign that you’re yet to process the loss and you wish you could have spent more time with the person when he or she was still living.

With every dream, the feelings of guilt, despair, loneliness, and disbelief might get amplified and become overwhelming. Your only solution is to learn how to cope with grief and find healthy ways to overcome the loss.

In other cases, you might find peace and even joy from such dreams because you get to see and even talk to your deceased loved ones once again.

Closing Thoughts

As we wrap up, dreaming of the same person over and over again means you have unresolved issues, deeply rooted trauma, or seek comfort. These dreams are also a message from the universe and a sign of a strong spiritual connection.

But these are not the only spiritual meanings out there. The more you analyze the dream, the more connotations you will uncover. So, take your time and go through every detail in the dream to gain more insights.

What other spiritual meaning do you think we missed out on? Tell us in the comments section.

Closing Thoughts
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