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Dream about Urinating? (12 Spiritual Meanings)

Urine is not something we want to spend much time thinking about in our waking lives, but while we sleep, it can be a surprisingly common theme in our dreams.

However, interpreting dreams about urine can be challenging, so in this post, we discuss urine dream meaning to help you makes sense of what you saw.

Dream about Urinating?

Dream about Urinating

Before we think about how to interpret dreams about urine, we need to think about the symbolism urine can have for different people since the associations we have with the elements of a dream can affect the meaning as much as the dream itself.

Generally speaking, urine is something most people consider pretty gross. It’s something people don’t like to talk about or think about, and it’s considered dirty, smelly and unpleasant.

However, when you urinate, your body is performing an essential function – one of purifying and cleansing itself of toxins. If we didn’t urinate, these would build up inside us and poison us, much like negative emotions and energy can pollute our body and spirit.

Furthermore, in the animal kingdom, urine is used to mark territories, so it may also be associated with this.

Finally, some people might associate urine with the feeling of being desperate to go when you can’t, the embarrassment of wetting the bed as a child or wetting one’s pants through fear.

Some common interpretations of dreams about urine

Some common interpretations of dreams about urine

Having looked at the common association of urine and the things it might symbolize to us, now we can move on to thinking about what various dreams of urine might mean.

  1. Cleansing yourself of pent-up issues or emotions

When we urinate, we cleanse the body of toxins, and as a result, a dream of urinating could be about cleansing or purifying ourselves metaphorically.

It could be that you have some pent-up emotions that you are currently dealing with, and a dream of urinating represents you letting the emotions out, bringing you much mental or psychological relief.

However, if you dream that you need to go but can’t, it could signify that you still have pent-up emotions or that you have issues that you haven’t dealt with properly yet.

In this case, you need to spend time in deep thought analyzing your feelings and emotions to see where this dream is coming from.

Then, once you find what is causing it, you can look for a way to release the emotions in a healthy way and bring yourself much needed mental or spiritual relief.

  1. Ridding yourself of toxic people

Another possibility is that a dream of urinating represents getting rid of the toxic people around you.

Sometimes, we are not aware of just how negative or toxic some people can be, but their presence pollutes our aura just like toxins can pollute our bodies.

As a result, this dream could be telling you that you need to cut certain people out of your life because the negative energy they bring is damaging you physically, mentally and spiritually.

To find out who the toxic people are in your life, you need to spend time in deep thought and meditation to consider your relationships and how healthy they are.

Then, if you become aware that some people close to you have become a toxic influence, it might be time to cut ties with them or at least start spending much less time in their presence.

  1. Getting rid of toxic or negative energy

Another similar interpretation is that you need to rid yourself of toxic or negative energy that is coming from you.

If, through meditation, you realize that you have become a negative person yourself and that the energy you create is more negative than positive, a dream of urinating could represent the changes you are making to rid yourself of this negative or toxic energy.

However, if you dream of a strong urge to urinate, it could be a warning that the energy you create has turned negative and needs be let out. This means you need to shed your negative energy and work on becoming more positive again.

This may be a sign urging you to utilize meditation and self-exploration, and after this, you will come to understand the negativity or toxicity you are generating – and also why you have become such a negative person.

  1. Holding it in – self-control

Holding it in – self-control

A dream about needing to urinate but holding it in could be a dream about self-control. It might tell you that you are angry with someone or you have been disappointed by someone, but that rather than exploding with rage, you are able to hold your emotions in check.

In a way, this is a good sign because losing control of our tempers is never a good thing, and it’s never the right solution.

However, at the same time, you need to find a way to release these strong emotions in a healthy way because if you don’t, your negative emotions will start to poison and pollute your being.

  1. Holding it in – you have a secret

Another interpretation of a dream about needing to go and holding it in is that you have a secret.

If you have this dream and you are keeping a secret, you will quickly know what this dream is about.

However, keeping a secret can be a burden, so if you have this dream, you need to think about what keeping this secret means.

If you were bursting to go to the bathroom in your dream, but you were fighting to hold it in, it could tell you that keeping this secret is taking a great toll on you.

At the same time, telling somebody the secret and sharing it to lighten the load might be an act of betrayal toward somebody else, so if you have this dream, you will need to think carefully about what the best solution is for everybody concerned.

  1. Holding it in – stress, anxiety or fear

A common reason for dreaming that you need to urinate is that you are currently experiencing a great deal of stress or anxiety in your life, and your problems are weighing down on you like the pressure on your bladder when you need to pee.

The first step is trying to understand where your stress or anxiety is coming from, something that may or may not be very obvious to you. Then, having understood the source of these emotions, you can work out the best ways to relieve yourself of them.

Alternatively, a dream of needing to pee can represent a great fear you have of something that is happening in your life or something that is going to happen in the future.

When we are terrified of something, it often makes us wants to pee – and sometimes, it even makes us pee our pants. This can also appear metaphorically in our dreams, and when it does, you need to try to face your fear and deal with it as best you can.

  1. Peeing in a toilet – you are in control of your negative emotions

Peeing in a toilet – you are in control of your negative emotions

If you dream of peeing in a toilet, it means you are in control of your emotions and that they won’t come spilling out unexpectedly at any moment.

  1. Can’t hold it in – inability to hold in your problems

If you dream that you need to pee and can’t hold it in, it means your problems or emotions are too much for you to control. If you have this dream, you need to urgently address some of the issues you are facing or they will come spilling out into your life out of control.

  1. Peeing on the floor – a loss of control

A dream of peeing on the floor represents losing control of some aspect of your life. If you have this dream, you should spend time reflecting on what caused it and try to regain control of events as best you can.

  1. Peeing your pants – pent-up emotions you can’t control

Peeing in your pants represents pent-up emotions spilling out. It is similar to the first dream we discussed above except here, the emotions are being released in unhealthy ways rather than in healthy ways and on your terms.

  1. Blood in your urine – emotional trauma

Dreaming of urinating blood is an upsetting experience and may represent some kind of traumatic experience in your past that you haven’t processed properly.

Again, if you have a dream like this, you should spend time in self-exploration and deal with any issues you find as a matter of urgency – or they will soon come spilling out at the least opportune time.

  1. Peeing in strange places – setting boundaries

Peeing in strange places like in your house, in your school or in your workplace can be an odd dream to experience, and it probably represents your need to set boundaries.

Is somebody invading your personal space either physically or spiritually? If yes, then this dream is advising you to tell them to keep their distance.

An unpleasant dream – but one worth thinking about

If you dream of urine, you might feel like forgetting it as soon as possible. However, it’s a good idea to try to understand what your dream meant – and by applying it to your current life situation, your intuition will guide you to the correct interpretation of your dream.

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