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What Does It Mean When You Dream About Kittens? (14 Spiritual Meanings)

Few things on earth are more cute and cuddly than fluffy kittens. And whether you’re a cat-lover or someone who’d never have a cat as a pet, you could have dreams about kittens.

Dreams about kittens can tell you a lot about your inner self, and these dreams can either be a good sign or a warning sign (depending on what happens in the dream).

In this article, we look at kitten dreams to better understand why people have these, what these say about a person’s emotions, and what kind of kitten-related dreams are there. There’s a lot to cover, so let’s begin!

What Does It Mean When You Dream About Kittens? (14 Spiritual Meanings)
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Why Do People Dream About Kittens?

If you have a dream about a litter of kittens, there’s a good chance this is no coincidence. Your subconscious mind may be trying to tell you something, so it’s best to pay attention. It’s especially important to know what’s going on in your dream if you’re not a fan of newborn kittens.

On the other hand, if you frequently interact with kittens in waking life, it makes sense why these creatures find their way into your dreams often. Having these dreams can indicate you’re feeling a sense of vulnerability, and they can also mean that deep down you’re adventurous, undeveloped, or rambunctious.

If you dream of being a kitten, this could indicate you need to get in touch with your inner child and once again become the dreamer you used to be. Now let’s look at how dreams of kittens can speak to how you’re feeling at present:

What Dreaming About Kittens Says About How You’re Feeling?

Having a dream about a kitten can indicate you’re feeling a certain way. Of course, context is important here, so if you’re having a pleasant dream about a kitten, it’s more likely you’re feeling positive feelings, while negative dreams are associated with negative feelings. Below are six feelings that are commonly associated with kitten dreams:

1. Curious

Few creatures are more curious than kittens. When they’re not sleeping or playing, they’re exploring their surroundings and looking for new possibilities. But sometimes they get themselves into trouble and harm because of their curiosity; that’s where the phrase “curiosity killed the cat” comes from, of course.

So if you’re having a dream about kittens, this could mean you need to embrace your curious side (in a measured way) and step outside your comfort zone.

2. Determined

What Dreaming About Kittens Says About How You’re Feeling
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Despite being small and weak, kittens can be quite determined. They don’t experience self-doubt, as they keep trying until they tire themselves out or reach success. Dirty kittens are often determined kittens; they don’t let a little dirt and dust prevent them from having a good time.

3. Wild

Kittens can be pretty wild too. Especially if you’re dealing with a feral kitten, you may have to deal with frequent and random attacks, as well as other habits that kittens pick up when they’re raised in the wild. You may be having dreams about a wild kitten because you’re feeling discombobulated and you need to get back to reality.

4. Clueless

It’s not uncommon to see kittens running into walls and getting confused by their food dish. Especially when they’re very young, kittens can seem quite clueless. Along these lines, having dreams about kittens can indicate you’re feeling clueless or overwhelmed by uncertainty.

Perhaps you’re in school and behind on a major assignment. The best response here is to get focused and practice self-reliance. Eventually, you’ll learn and adapt, and this transformation will lead to many successes.

5. Dependent

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Kittens are dependent on their mothers for sustenance before they can eat cat food. If you’re feeling dependent, you may dream of kitten nursing. You could also be feeling dependent because you yearn for approval, appreciation, or a tender embrace.

New mothers often have kitten-related dreams because they’re getting used to having a baby depend on them. And like babies, kittens are symbols of innocence and purity.

6. Unloved

Unfortunately, dreams of kittens aren’t only associated with good feelings. Such a dream can also be brought on because you have a lackluster love life. Perhaps you dream of a neglected kitten, in which case you’re longing for the affection and attention that kittens receive. These dreams are rare, but the fact that they happen is important to point out.

What Are Common Kitten-Related Dreams?

There is a range of kitten-related dreams a person can have, and what happens in the dream is what creates the dream’s meaning. Below we address seven common kitten-related dreams to better understand kitten dream meaning:

1. Finding a Lost Kitten

Finding a lost kitten in a dream can be a sign that you’re feeling aimless and you need protection. The important thing to remember here is that the kitten has been found and given a good home. Therefore, if you feel like a lost kitten, remember that you just need to ride out the wave of misfortune, and eventually things will get better.

2. Dreaming of a Black Kitten

What Are Common Kitten-Related Dreams
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Dreaming of a black kitten might as well be like dreaming of a black cat. Having this dream may indicate you will have bad luck or be harmed by what you don’t see lurking in the shadow. This dream can also be a sign that you will be deceived by someone you thought was harmless; after all, the black kitten may look cute, but it can bring despair to the unsuspecting.

3. Protecting a Kitten

If you’re protecting a kitten—like a cat mother does—in a dream, this could be a sign that you’ll have to protect the vulnerable in real life. Perhaps you’ll need to protect a child or somebody who can’t defend themselves. This urge to help somebody will feel natural, just as helping a kitten in danger should feel natural.

4. Watching a Kitten Be Born

For females, having a dream where you’re watching a kitten be born is a reminder from your subconscious to embrace your femininity. You may have this dream when you’re an older woman, especially if you have kids who are now adults. Such a dream should also call your attention to the incredible process that is the creation of life.

5. Playing With a Kitten

Having a dream where you’re playing with one kitten or numerous kittens could be a sign that you’re feeling loved and generally content with life. Having this kind of dream may also indicate that you don’t struggle with intimacy and are always open to forming new relationships.

This kind of dream may also show a willingness to put the interests of others before your own. And if you’re a parent, having this dream could indicate that your children are happy with you and feeling supported.

6. Experiencing the Death of a Kitten

Experiencing the Death of a Kitten
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Coming across a dead kitten in a dream is more like a nightmare. This usually represents a loss of innocence. Perhaps you feel like you’ve lost touch with your inner child, or maybe it’s harder for you to embrace creativity.

Additionally, you could’ve also failed to protect innocence when you had the opportunity to, and having this dream may be a result of that. You could also have this dream if you have a sick cat in real life. In any case, seeing a dead cat could be a wake-up call to check your psyche and improve your intuition.

7. Being Attacked by a Kitten

Being attacked by an aggressive kitten in a dream could be a sign that you need to keep your guard up when you’re awake. Perhaps you’ve been ignoring negative qualities in people that you should not ignore

It could also be that deception is right around the corner. Think of how harmless a kitten looks—but it still has claws and teeth that can inflict damage and even spread parasites.

8. Giving a Kitten Away

Having to give a kitten away in a dream is no pleasant experience. This can indicate that you’re feeling abandoned or you’re worried that you’re going to abandon those who depend on you.

However, if in the dream you’re giving the kitten away to people you know will take care of it, this could be a sign of your selflessness. Such a dream should be viewed as a good omen.

What Should You Do in Real Life After Having Dreams About Kittens?

If you wake up feeling good after a kitten-related dream, you should embrace all the positive qualities that are often associated with kittens. And if one of the negative kitten-related dreams comes to you in the night, you should reflect on why you had this dream and see what you can do in the future to ensure you only have good ones.


Whether we’re talking about white kittens, grey kittens, or any other kind of kitten, it’s likely you’ll have a dream about these creatures at least once. Remember that having a dream about a kitten could mean your subconscious is trying to send you a message. And when you’re trying to decipher that message, you can use this guide to gain some clarity.

What Does It Mean When You Dream About Kittens? (14 Spiritual Meanings)
Liquids and Solids

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