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What Does It Mean When You Dream About Lions? (10 Spiritual Meanings)

When people go to sleep, they generally dream of mundane creatures and situations that they deal with on a daily basis. That’s why dreaming of a lion tends to be a matter that throws people for a loop. A lion?! What does that dream even mean?

Lions are traditionally kingly animals that symbolize everything from courage, to pride, to royalty. They’re highly symbolic, so let’s try to figure out what it means sooner rather than later.

What Does It Mean When You Dream About Lions? (10 Spiritual)
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What Does It Mean To Dream About Lions?

1. You might exemplify courage, strength, and focus

If you dream that you are the lion or lioness, that means you might soon exemplify the type of traits people associate with lions. Lions are courageous, strong, and majestic animals that go after what they want and get it.

Men who dream of a happy male lion might truly feel like a masculine “king of the jungle.” Women who dream of a lioness may feel the quiet and elegant strength of bold femininity at its best. That’s an empowering dream we can roar about!

Most people agree that a nice dream about a lion means that you feel confident, especially when it comes to goals or sexuality. A calm lion is a great dream to have, simply because it’s a nod to your own inner strength.

2. You may have insecurities or repressed sexuality to address

While a positive dream about a lion tends to mean that you have a burst of confidence and courage, negative dreams are quite the opposite. A bad dream about a lion suggests that your insecurities may be getting the best of you, especially when it comes to bedroom matters.

A lion dream that’s negative might mean that you feel like your confidence recently took a hit. If you have negative emotions related to your love life in your waking life, then your dream might be a reflection of it.

3.  Someone is trying to dominate you

Someone is trying to dominate you
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Lions are seen as a leader with dignity, and it tends to be the symbol people use for kings. But, what happens when you dream of a lion that’s chasing you or menacingly pacing near you? It usually means you’re afraid….and that you’re not feeling like a king at all!

In these dreams, a lion chase can mean that your waking life involves you feeling powerless. Rather than be a leader, you feel like someone is trying to dominate you or intimidate you. You may even feel like an outcast.

Are you being bullied somewhere? This worry about dominance and obstacles in your way is what your dreams are about.

4. Someone out there is protecting you and promoting you

Though lions tend to be animals that people tend to fear, they are also animals that have been associated with protection. If you dream about a lion that is protecting you, then that’s a good sign for your waking life.

That lion probably symbolizes someone in your circle who is great and powerful, like a boss or the ringleader of your clique. Or, perhaps it’s a more spiritual being, such as an angel or God himself.

This dream shows that you are being protected by someone who really cares for you and has the influence to make a difference in your life. Did you recently have a boss advocate for you in a meeting? That’s your lion.

The meaning of a lion dream like this is a good omen, but it comes with a warning. Make sure to thank your supporters, or you might end up losing your lion’s protection.

5. You might be able to get to the top of an organization, but it’ll cost you

You might be able to get to the top of an organization, but it'll cost you
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Did you dream of hunting and killing a lion? A dead lion of your own doing is pretty powerful symbolism. When you kill the lion in your dream, it may mean that you’re going to get to the top of your organization in real life.

Unfortunately, there’s a snag here. The increase in your role is not one that you got through kind means. It’s an ill-gotten gain, and your subconscious mind might know this. Be careful that people don’t find a way to bite you on the behind when they find out!

6. You just overcame the most difficult hurdle in your life

If you dream of a dead lion that you didn’t kill on your own, this is actually a good omen. It means that you just overcame one of the worst obstacles in your life, and that things are going to be relatively smooth sailing from now on.

Didn’t quite get there yet? Don’t panic. This is a great sign that you will end up being successful in the near future. Just give the struggle a little more time and effort. You might be surprised at what you will be able to accomplish.

7. You are struggling with your self-expression and control

Did you have a dream of a lion attacking you? The spiritual meaning of lions isn’t just about leadership or pride. It also can be a reflection of personality traits. A male lion is meant to be controlled and dignified when he rules the jungle.

You are struggling with your self-expression and control
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When a lion feels cornered, they turn to aggression and violence to feel better. Your dream is a warning that you are struggling to maintain your composure, especially when you feel attacked by adversaries or when your masculine side is challenged.

This tends to be particularly true when it comes to relationships where you feel insecure. A lion loves to control everything. Are you acting controlling with your partner? Have they said you were abusive? It may be time to hit the pause button. You’re acting out!

8. You are being blocked by outside forces beyond your control

If you have ever gone to the circus and witnessed a lion in a cage, you already know it’s a sad sight. Far from being a joyous lion king, the lion that’s left in a cage looks weak, powerless, and even embarrassed.

And why wouldn’t he be? He’s not being allowed to be a lion.

A dream of a caged lion means that you may feel the same as the lion in that circus. You feel stifled, held back, and unable to live up to your full potential. Have people been bashing on your creativity or refusing to hear you out? Your dream is a sign of how you feel.

It’s okay to break out of the cage you’re in. Your intuition is telling you that you know that you’re not living up to your full potential. It may be time to look for a new job or a new circle so that you can truly bloom.

9. You are currently nurturing parts of your personality that you want to grow

Another common lion dream meaning involves cubs. If you come across a baby lion in your dreams, don’t panic. It means that you are starting to develop new (and attractive) personality traits.

The traits that are symbolized by a cub tend to be aligned with traditionally masculine traits. This can be anything from being able to flirt effectively to gain more confidence when you head to work.

You are currently nurturing parts of your personality that you want to grow
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If it’s a baby female cub, then you will start to see female traits blossom in the upcoming months. You may become more caring, nurturing, or family-oriented. Either way, it’s a good omen for people who are looking to elevate who they are.

10.  Deep down inside, you are aware of the power you hold inside your heart

A dream of a lion always involves some kind of message about you being a powerful individual. This is doubly true if you’re dreaming about a white lion or a lion with wings. That lion is you in all your inner glory: courageous, strong, and regal.

Sometimes, our mind (or the universe) knows we need to have a pep talk about the upcoming future struggles we face. That’s why we tend to dream of lions right before a major journey in life. It’s a way of knowing that we got this, and that we’ve got what it takes to make it.

If you have been mulling over starting a new venture or taking life into your own hands, this is a dream that strongly encourages you to do it. You are strong enough and smart enough to handle what life throws you. This is an omen that you will succeed and you know it.

Last words

Did you recently have a dream featuring a lion? Tell us about it in the comments below.

What Does It Mean When You Dream About Lions? (10 Spiritual)
Liquids and Solids

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