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What Does It Mean When You Dream of Big Waves? (9 Spiritual Meanings)

When you encounter waves in your dream, you would usually think that this is a message for you to go on a vacation.

As silly as it gets, you will tell yourself: “Oh! I need to go to the beach because I dreamt of it!”

But, did you know that, aside from vacations and relaxations, there are messages for you when you dream of waves?

9 Messages When Big Waves Appear in Your Dreams
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9 Messages When Big Waves Appear in Your Dreams

Ocean waves represent joy and excitement. However, they also symbolize sadness, especially when they crash so hard.

Just like waves, everything in life is short-term, and when you dream of these waves, some messages are trying to be sent to you.

1. You should learn to accept the fact that all things come and go

When you dream about waves, this dream is telling you that you have to accept the fact that in your waking life, things, and even people come and go. One of the reasons why you had this dream is because of your trait of not allowing yourself to move forward.

There will be days when we tend to lose things and people. When this happens, we should not be afraid and be stuck in this grief. Instead, we have to move forward and always remember that better opportunities and new people will be brought into our lives to fill the loss we experienced.

2. Something will trouble you soon

When you dream of waves, specifically tidal waves, this is a warning sign for you. Generally, waves are early warning indicators. So, when you dream about them, you should be more cautious of all the things and people around you. 

Experiencing such a dream is a message that something will trouble you soon. Usually, these troubles will be exacerbated by your emotions and how you will deal with them. Perhaps, these troubles might be related to your work or your family members. What you are encouraged to do is to relax your mind so that you can think better.

Always remember that in real life, there are many things and situations we cannot control. What we can only do is face them with courage and deal with them intelligently. 

Additionally, if you dream about tsunamis, this is a reminder for you to control your emotions. Generally, countries and people who are not prepared for tsunamis become destroyed. Like tsunamis, your strong emotions can cause self-destruction when you fail to control them. Some of these negative emotions are worries, anxieties, hatred, aggression, and panic attacks.

3. Your choices in your waking life burden you

Your choices in your waking life burden you
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When you have dreams of huge waves, especially strong waves, this represents your decisions in your waking life that can give you burdens. Usually, these burdens are your debts, unemployment, and failing relationships. Generally, these are mostly associated with your psychological concerns.

In real life, you sometimes ask yourself how you can improve your current situation in life. So, you try to find ways and decide without thinking and planning well.

Yes, like strong and large waves, you have control in your life – your choices allow you to make your living easier. Unfortunately, when your choices go south, you will only cause burdens to not just your emotional health but spiritual health as well.

4. You will experience an unavoidable situation, so prepare yourself

If you dream about tidal waves, and in your dreams, these waves are dirty or muddy, this is a reminder and a warning as well for you to prepare yourself.

Sometimes, tidal waves are unexpected. When they come along, beach swimmers might be at risk of drowning. Unfortunately, those who do not know how to swim can experience danger.

In real life, you might want to consider these waves as unexpected challenges. So, if you do not prepare yourself in dealing with any possible obstacle, you will have a hard time escaping from it.

Let us put a sudden lay-off as an example. As we all know, during this time of the pandemic, many businesses went bankrupt. To compensate for this, companies have reduced their workforce. So, if you are one of these people who got cut out, how will you address this problem?

Remember, during the pandemic, there were only a few companies that ventured into new business. Are you going to use all of your savings? Or do you even have some savings to use?

Keep in mind that in all things you do, you must always have that plan B. 

I would also like to put insurance as an example. As a parent, I invested in this funeral service just in case I pass away, the financial burden will not be passed to my children

I want to be prepared for things that I cannot control so that other people, especially my family, will not have to suffer.

5. You have emotions that you do not understand

When you dream about waves, and in your dreams, these are dark waves, these represent your strong feelings that you still do not understand. 

Generally, these are the dark instincts that you cannot control yet. Through dreams, our subconscious mind tells us how we feel in waking life.

In real life, we sometimes feel emotions that we cannot explain. Personally, I have this behavior of being annoyed whenever people ask so many things. On the other hand, I also feel worried when people do not talk to me. As much as I want to be of help to others, there are days when I just want to be quiet and be still.

You have emotions that you do not understand
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When you experience such a dream, this is a message for you to find ways to understand your emotions before they swallow you.

If possible, you can seek help from some people, especially psychologists. After giving birth to my firstborn, I experienced postpartum depression (PPD) and I want to be honest enough to say that this PPD messed with me.

But, with the help of a healthcare professional, I was able to understand my emotions and what causes me to feel that depression.

6. You will receive good news in the near future

When you dream of waves, specifically pure waves and clean water, this is a good sign. This dream represents the harmony in your life and it speaks of your ability to control your emotions.

Generally, this dream tells you that you are mature and independent enough to deal with your life problems.

When you dream of waves and you are smoothly surfing, this means that you have a gift that no matter what difficulties or circumstances you face, you will always deal with them efficiently.

7. You have many fears and insecurities

When you dream about wave turbulence with a strong storm, this represents your fears and insecurities in your waking life.  Generally, this dream means stagnancy because you tend to stay in the place where you feel you are safe. 

Unfortunately, these negative feelings of yours will not lead you to a brighter place. So, instead of being insecure, go out of your comfort zone and face your fears. Just keep in mind that, if you do not seek new opportunities, you will forever be insecure about others’ wellness and success.

8. You are addicted to some things

You are addicted to some things
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When you dream of waves, and in your dream, you are drowning, this is a warning sign about your addictions in your waking life.

Some of these addictions are sex, gambling, drugs, and alcohol. Like waves that we cannot stop, this dream represents your inability to resist these addictions. 

What you are encouraged to do is to get out of these addictions and help yourself live a new life. As the saying goes, we cannot really stop sea waves. But, if we know how to be great surfers, we can surpass them without any difficulties.

9. Big changes, either positive or negative, are bound to happen

When you dream of a big wave, and in your dreams, you try to fight this wave, you might as well want to take this dream as a sign of bad luck. 

Generally, we cannot fight waves unless we know how to surf and swim. But, sometimes, even surfers lose this wave battle.

Final Thoughts

Indeed, wave dreams offer many interpretations but most of these are insights into the emotions of the dreamer. 

When you dream of such events, you are encouraged to reflect on your behaviors in your waking life.

Sometimes, your traits and how you deal with things affect your way of living. If you do not help and make yourself prepared, you will put yourself at risk of dangers and negative changes in your waking life.

What Does It Mean When You Dream of Big Waves? (9 Spiritual Meanings)
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