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What Does It Mean When Being Chased In A Dream? (14 Spiritual Meanings)

Being chased in a dream is a scary scenario, whether we are being chased by another human being, an animal, or a monster. Sometimes we can be chased by an invisible threatening force. Often we wake up from such dreams with our heart racing and trying to catch our breath.

But what does it mean to dream about being chased in a dream? Can the dream mean that we are being chased by something in real life? While dreams can sometimes have literal meanings, more often they carry more symbolic messages from the subconscious mind.

Carry on reading to learn the symbolic meanings of dreams of being chased.

What Does it Mean to Dream About Being Chased?
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What Does it Mean to Dream About Being Chased?

There are different interpretations of the dream depending on the context. Take your time to interpret the dream and properly understand the message your subconscious mind is sending you through the dream.

Later on in the article, you will find interpretations of dreams with specific scenarios. The first interpretations are for dreams where you cannot see who or what is chasing you.

1. You Are Trying to Avoid Something

It is common to dream about being chased when there is something in our lives that we are trying to avoid. It could be a person, a situation, or some areas of your life that need your attention. Most likely the situation involves disagreements, which you are trying to avoid.

The dream is a sign from your subconscious that the issue is not going to go away no matter how hard you are trying to run away from it. The sooner you deal with it, the sooner you will have a peaceful life again.

2. You Are Held Back by Your Fears

If you felt threatened by an invisible assailant in your dream, it is most likely a sign of the fears you have in your waking life, such as fear of failure. Everyone has fears and doubts but we cannot let them control us.

The dream’s message is to overcome your fears, which can be rooted as far back as some trauma from your childhood. Otherwise, they will keep holding you back and can stop you from achieving your dreams. Practicing positive self-talk can help you feel more powerful and ready to face your fears.

3. You Are Hiding Parts of Yourself

Do you sometimes find yourself not expressing yourself because you fear other people will not share your opinion? Have you let go of some of your dreams because you fear the people in your life would not be supportive of your aspirations? Perhaps you want to do something different from, for example, what your parents want you to do.

The chaser in your dream represents the qualities, thoughts, and dreams you are suppressing to please others. Such dreams can recur until you change your behavior and are your authentic self around others.

Change Your Habits
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4. Change Your Habits

A dream where you are chased can be a sign that you have some old habits you need to change or break away from completely especially when the chaser is a stranger to you. These habits are stopping you from becoming the best version of yourself.

What the old patterns depend on the dreamer. It could be a physical habit such as smoking or eating too much fast food. For others, it can be a mental habit such as holding on to negative emotions or jealousy. Once you break free from the bad habits, you will be happier and free to pursue new opportunities.

5. You Will Achieve Your Goals

If you have been frustrated about your progress working towards your goals, chasing dreams can encourage you to persevere. Despite your frustration, you are getting closer to achieving the goals you have set for yourself.

The dream is a confirmation from the universe that you can achieve anything you want. Work on eliminating any limiting beliefs and have faith that everything will work out for your highest good at the right time.

Now, let’s look at some specific chasing dream scenarios.

6. Being Chased by a Man

There are two interpretations to a dream where you are chased by a male. The first is that you have deep-rooted fears linked to a past event that still keeps haunting you. A possible reason for this dream is that you were chased in your real life and it is repeating itself in your nightmares.

The second meaning is that the man is symbolic of your problems. You might have been trying to avoid them but they keep seeking you out.

7. Being Chased by a Monster

Most people will instinctively assume that being chased by a monster is a bad omen. However, dreams are often not that literal. This dream can be a good sign and a sign of something ending and new opportunities entering your life.

Did you look back at the monster while you were running away from it and it disappeared? This is a message to you that you have the abilities and the strength to face any challenges in your life and when you do, it will lead to new beginnings.

Being Chased by People at Work
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8. Being Chased by People at Work

How do you feel about your work situation? If you are not happy at work, then this dream is a manifestation of your real-life dissatisfaction. Take the dream as a sign to look for a line of work that will make you happier.

Alternatively, the dream can mean that you feel under pressure at work and fear not being able to complete all your tasks. Maybe your boss keeps giving you more and more responsibilities and you feel snowed under. It may be a time that you approached your boss or learned to say no to extra responsibilities.

9. Being Chased and Trapped

This dream can be a sign of you feeling trapped in your real life which is causing you anxiety. You feel unable to express yourself openly because you are worried about how others may react. You feel restricted by your environment and the people around you.

Unless you deal with the situation, you are likely to grow unhappy and it can even lead to depression. If the people in your life cannot accept you for who you are, then the dream might be suggesting you need to surround yourself with people who support you and accept the real you.

10. Being Chased by an Authority Figure

If you are being chased by an authority figure such as a police officer, the dream is most likely a sign of your feelings of guilt. These are common dreams when we have done or said something we knew was wrong.

You need to deal with the issue in your waking life so you can live with a clear conscience.

11. Being Chased by a Bull

The bull in the dream can represent people in your life either your personal or working life, who try to bully you. Often they act out of jealousy or greed and will not hesitate to hurt you and damage your chances of success to further their own goals.

The dream is telling you to stand firm against such people but also to be on your guard as they may use dishonest means to discredit you.

Being Chased by a Wolf
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12. Being Chased by a Wolf

A dream about being chased by a wolf or a pack of wolves is a sign to stop hurrying through life. You are in a constant rush from one thing to the next. You risk missing out on significant moments in life because you are in too much of a hurry to enjoy them.

The dream’s meaning is that you need to learn to slow down. If you don’t, not only will you risk missing out on great moments, but you can end up burnt out.

13. Being Chased Through the Streets

This dream is a sign that you need to take the time for a serious reflection on where you are in your real life. It could be symbolic of financial issues. Your money situation is likely to be not as good as you would hope.

You might have been spending too freely, and the dream is a message to reign in your spending. The only way you will get past your money worries is to take control of them. You also must have patience as the situation is not likely to improve overnight but eventually, you will have more abundance in your life.

14. Being Chased Through a Forest

The trees in the dream represent life and abundance, but also mysteries and dark forces. A pursuer chasing you through a forest can mean that you are cheating yourself by not allowing your true light to shine.

If you wish to achieve success and abundance, you have to be your authentic self, but you are letting your fears get in the way. Work on your self-confidence and you will find your path to success easier.


Being chased is a common dream theme. It can feel like a bad dream, yet its meaning can be positive. They are often warnings or messages of encouragement from the unconscious mind. Accurate dream analysis can help you act on the dream’s message and bring positive changes into your life.

If you would like to ask us anything about chasing dreams, you can write your questions in the comment box.

What Does It Mean When Being Chased In A Dream? (14 Spiritual Meanings)
Liquids and Solids

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  1. I had a dream early morning that someone is triuing to kill by shooting me and i am running from that,when i asked him he said your karma are finnised and somewere a child is going to born and you have to go

  2. I often have dreams that I am friends with celebrities. It’s usually the same celebrities. However, this time the celebrity betrayed me. This celebrity put a hit on me to have me killed. I woke up just in time scared.

  3. Dreams about being chased, according to a dream analyst, may indicate that you are avoiding something, someone, or even parts of yourself.


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