Liquids & Solids Spirit ยป What Does It Mean When You Dream About Kissing Someone? (5 Spiritual Meanings)

What Does It Mean When You Dream About Kissing Someone? (5 Spiritual Meanings)

Everyone dreams, but not many people take the time to consider what their dreams might mean. This can lead to a significant oversight in your understanding of yourself and your ability to recognize personal patterns.

Being able to interpret your dreams is an incredible tool that can be used in a variety of ways. As well as enhancing self-knowledge, finding out why you kiss someone in your dreams has some interesting implications.

The 5 interpretations below will give you an idea of the variety of possible dream interpretations for such dreams.

What Does It Mean When You Dream About Kissing Someone? (5 Spiritual)
Liquids and Solids

Different Dreams About Kissing Someone

1. Kissing someone you know in person

If you are kissing someone else in your dream world, something about that person intrigues or attracts you. It could be their personality traits, a strong bond, or their physical appearance, but whatever it is, it’s important enough for you to want to get closer to them or to get their attention.

If you dream about kissing someone who is in your waking life, then it could be a sign that you need to spend more time with this person or that you need to get to know them better. You might also be feeling jealous of their success or popularity and want their attention.

2. Kissing a stranger in your dreams

Kissing someone you don’t know, or don’t know well in your waking life, means that you feel like you are missing out on something in the real world. You feel stuck in the same old routine and want something exciting to happen for you to feel happy again.

Kissing, in general, is a positive thing, but there are some cautions you should consider when interpreting this dream. For example, if you are kissing someone who is not attractive or desirable as a romantic partner, then this could hint at insecurity about your appearance or social status.

It could also mean that you’re feeling jealous of the success or popularity of another person because they have something that you don’t have.

3. A kiss from a family member or a child

The meaning of kissing in dreams can be highly diverse. Kissing in a dream does not always hold a sexual meaning. It could mean that you are not being kissed enough. It could also mean that you are longing for affection or love.

If you are kissing a family member or a child in your dream, then this could be an indication that you are feeling safe and secure. You may also be longing for some physical contact with someone close to you.

Kiss On Different Parts Of The Body

Kiss On Different Parts Of The Body
Liquids and Solids

The meaning of a kiss depends on where it’s placed, who gives it, and why they give it. Kissing is a form of affection that can be used for many reasons. A kiss can also symbolize acceptance or forgiveness.

1. Kissing on the forehead

This is a sign of tenderness, respect, and love. It can also be a way of saying goodbye. Such a dream symbolizes spirituality, wisdom, and enlightenment.

Kissing on the head can also mean that someone will come into your life who will help you achieve greatness. This person may not know how much they have helped you, so it is important to express your gratitude when they do something good for you.

This could mean that there is something bothering them or some sort of problem that they have not yet resolved. You may also dream about kissing someone on the forehead if you feel like you have let them down in some way or have not been there for them when they needed help from you.

2. Kissing on the cheek

A kiss on the cheek shows affection and closeness. It can also mean an apology for something you did wrong or for someone who did something wrong to you.

If you’re kissing someone else, it means you want to be close to them and that you trust them. It can also show that two people have both earned each other’s respect over time.

A peck on the cheek could be taken as an innocent gesture of friendship without any romantic involvement and is also a greeting between friends and relatives.

3. Kissing on the hand

Kissing somebody on their hand is associated with admiration, loyalty, respect, and appreciation. It could mean that you want to be taken care of or that you feel that someone has been taking care of you.

In dreams, this means that you will be treated with kindness by your loved ones. If you receive this kind of kiss, it can be a sign that you will be appreciated for something. The hand is often associated with giving and receiving kisses.

4. Kissing on the lips

When you kiss somebody on the lips, it is usually associated with passion and sexual attraction. It is a sign of romance, perhaps underlining how much you care about someone. If it’s someone you don’t know well or even a celebrity, it can suggest that you feel attracted to them.

5 Interpretations Of Kiss Dreams

5 Interpretations Of Kiss Dreams
Liquids and Solids

1. You want to be in a relationship

The dream symbolizes harmony, intimacy, and emotion. From another perspective, a passionate kiss in dreams is also regularly associated with sex, so it may also indicate your desire to have sex.

For example, if you are kissing your boyfriend or girlfriend, then it could mean that you want to be with that person and will miss them when they are gone. On the other hand, if someone else kisses you, then it may mean that this person likes you or wants to date you.

If the person you kissed in your dream was someone who has recently entered your life or someone whom you have just met, then this could be a sign of attraction between the two of you.

2. You miss someone

If you are dreaming about kissing someone who has passed away, then this might be because they were very close to you. They still play an important part in your life, even though they aren’t physically present anymore.

If your dream lover was someone from your past, like an ex-partner, maybe they’ve been on your mind lately perhaps even subconsciously. Perhaps you’re feeling lonely or left out, and there’s an opportunity for closeness with another person who can make you feel better.

3. A reflection of the relationship with yourself

If you do not know the person you are kissing in your dreams in real life, it might be time for some self-reflection about what attracts you to certain people and what does not.

If the kiss was inappropriate for the situation or location, this might mean that you’re uncomfortable about something going on in your life.

Perhaps a relationship or friendship could trouble you, or you have been the victim of betrayal, and you don’t know how to handle it appropriately without causing problems or stepping out of your comfort zone.

If you find yourself kissing someone apart from your significant other, then this could indicate feelings of guilt over cheating on them or wanting to move on from the relationship altogether.

4. You’re on the verge of a significant change

You're on the verge of a significant change
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Such a kiss dream could be a secret sign that the dreamer is about to embark on something new and exciting. The dream may also be a connection to negative emotions because someone you know is about to embark on an adventure without you.

It could be an omen or a warning from your subconscious mind that means you need to connect more deeply with that person in your waking life. If the person is someone you don’t normally interact with, then it could mean that you are ready for new experiences and looking for new ways to expand your horizons in the near future.

Kissing the wrong person in a dream usually indicates a mistake in business or feelings of negativity, like the idea that you are not getting the support needed to achieve your goals.

5. You’re frustrated with a romantic relationship.

To dream of kissing someone can also symbolize a change in your life or a new beginning of some kind. For example, if you dream of kissing your wife on the lips, then it might mean that you need more intimacy with her because there’s something missing in your relationship right now, and you don’t feel any satisfaction.

Sleeping with someone who isn’t your partner in your dream means that you require a change from your current relationship or marriage. It could also mean that there’s just no spark left between the two of you anymore. Perhaps there was deceit, and it’s time for one of you to move on so that each of you can find happiness elsewhere with someone new.

Final Words

Those dreams are likely the result of your hidden desire to be closer to the person you kissed. But it might also be an expression of your longing for affection from the other person.

So as you can see, there are several possible explanations for this particular symbol.

The most important thing is that you understand what it means to you. If you have any other dream scenario that contains this symbol, be sure to take note of it and see if there are any different recurring themes.

What Does It Mean When You Dream About Kissing Someone? (5 Spiritual)
Liquids and Solids

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