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Dream About Stealing? (21 Spiritual Meanings)

In our society today, robberies are one of the most common crimes committed around the world. Overall, stealing was much more common in previous years. 

However, today, according to the United States Department of Justice Federal Bureau of Investigation, robbery rates have decreased. As of 2022, the robbery rates in the United States fell by around 23%. 

Although it is rare to steal in real life, what does it mean when you dream about stealing? Can stealing in dreams mean a negative connotation or can it affect the dreamer’s future?

In this article, we will elaborate on the symbolism of stealing in your dreams and what are the possible messages when you dream about theft.

What Does It Mean To Dream About Stealing? (21 Spiritual)
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Stealing Dream Symbolism

Stealing refers to taking someone or something from others by force to reach ambitions easily. In real life, stealing can also include non-tangible items like identity theft. Generally, there are many theft interpretations, and in this section, we will discuss some of these.

1. Disobedience

Dreaming about stealing can also talk about your behavior. For example, you try to take advantage of people or you disobey your parents because you feel deprived. 

Additionally, dreaming about stealing can also represent others’ behavior. This could mean someone younger than you does not follow your rules and regulations, especially when it comes to working.

2. Losing respect

When you dream about stealing, this could be a sign that someone dear to you starts to lose his or her respect for you. Eventually, because of your inability to stand up for yourself, this action of this person drastically affects your self-esteem, making you feel like a lesser person.

Thus, if you ever feel this disrespect or contempt, you are encouraged to put things back in the right place so as not to damage yourself.

3. Success

When you dream about yourself stealing and you have accomplished the act, this can represent success. If you are working on something, you can finish this task and reach your goal in time as long as you persevere and work right.

4. Being taken for granted

Dreams about theft may also send you a message that you are being taken for granted in real life. Thus, you should always learn how to give yourself respect and generosity.

This dream is also an encouragement for you to be conscious and alert to the people around you. Sometimes, those you love the most are those who are taking you for granted.

5. Greed 

Dreams about stealing also represent greed. When you dream about it, it could mean that you are wanting someone or something that is not yours. This might be because of jealousy as well.

In reality, there are times when you wish to possess something or someone that you cannot afford. However, this behavior can greatly affect your lifestyle and goals.

6. Resentment

If you feel resentment, this can become clear through your dreams, especially those about stealing. Thus, when you dream of it, you are highly encouraged to make up with the people who are worth keeping.

Sometimes, you can also dream of a dead person stealing from you and this encourages you to take risks to avoid regret.

Common Meaning of Dreams About Stealing

Common Meaning of Dreams About Stealing
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Apart from the symbolisms, above, there are other meanings when it comes to theft dreams. The people and the materials stealing and being stolen, respectively signify different messages.

1. Dreaming about someone stealing from you

If you dream about other people stealing from you, take these dreams as warnings that you might lose something or someone in the near future.

The dream interpretation about someone stealing from you can also be a sign of financial crisis, bankruptcy, poverty, or career decline because of conflicts in your workplace.

If in real life, you get to become a victim of theft, the worry and anxiety you feel can be substantial. However, do not let your daily routine become affected as this will only put you down even more.

Sometimes, betrayal is also a message when you dream about someone stealing from you. Dreams are associated with your subconscious mind. Thus, when you dream of someone stealing from you, this can make you remember someone who has betrayed or backstabbed you in the past.

2. Dreaming about your partner stealing from you

If you dream about your partner stealing from you, this can represent disappointment from your partner. There might be events in real life where your partner is doing or keeps doing something that affects your emotions and peace.

Dreaming of partners, including those about stealing, can represent a lack of interest.

For these reasons, you are encouraged to talk with your partner about these things but make sure that you know how to explain your feelings well.

3. Dream about someone stealing your goods

If you dream about someone stealing goods or groceries, especially eggs, from you, take it as a good omen. This is actually good luck if you wish to achieve something big in the future. 

If you are running a business, make sure to let the world know about it and you will surely rejoice over success.

4. Dream about your parents stealing from you

If you dream about your parents stealing from you, this can be a sign of possible problems about to occur in your personal life. You might have decided to avoid addressing some issues which eventually worsen.

5. Dream about you stealing from your parents or other family members

When you dream about yourself stealing from your parents, this can represent your childhood memories. When we were kids, it was common for us to get something from our parents, such as little amounts of money to buy candies.

Another interpretation of this dream is that either you or your parents are hiding something from each other to not hurt others’ feelings. It could be a small issue like not telling them you lost your job or a larger one like a health issue. 

In any case, if you are hiding something from them, consider telling them as they will appreciate your honesty.

On occasion, a dream about stealing from your family could indicate imminent problems for someone close to you. This could be a family member, a good friend, or your boyfriend or girlfriend. 

If you ever dream about this, try to resolve any conflicts before they become a burden.

Dream about you stealing from your parents or other family members
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6. Dreaming about your children stealing from you

If you are a parent, the interpretation of a dream about your children stealing from you could represent disappointment. It may mean that you do not approve of some of your children’s decisions and you are also unsure of what to do about it.

7. Dreaming about shoplifting

If you dream about shoplifting, this is associated with personal space. If you are that person who is shoplifting, you are seeking a more private life. Dreaming of shoplifting also means you want to escape from your responsibilities.

If you get caught doing the act, this is a sign for you to take some time alone and treat yourself better. 

8. Dream about someone stealing your job

Someone stealing your position in your workplace is not really a good thing and if this event appears in your dream, take it as a warning sign. One of your co-workers may have transgressions to use against you.

So, make sure that you are surrounded by great co-workers who want to achieve the same goals as you.

Additionally, dreaming of this can also represent your needs such as an increase in salary due to additional responsibilities in life.

9. Someone stealing your watch in your dream

If you dream about someone stealing your watch, this can mean that you are wasting much of your time. Thus, learn to prioritize your work, family, and all that matters to you.

Sometimes, dreaming about someone stealing your watch can also represent a project that is causing you too much stress. If the tick of your watch is louder, this can reveal hard times that can damage your reputation.

10. Someone stealing your partner in dreams

Apart from dreaming about your partner stealing from you, you can also encounter dreams about someone stealing your partner.

This can represent your worry about ending your relationship and infidelity with your partners. You may also have these trust issues. Thus, learn to be open and open about these issues to avoid toxicity in your relationship.

Someone stealing your purse, wallet, or bag in your dreams
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11. Someone stealing your purse, wallet, or bag in your dreams

If you dream about someone stealing your purse, wallet, or bag, this is a bad omen. If you know this person who is stealing, this person may have committed a crime.

On the other hand, this can also be a good omen for the dreamer’s future. This is a good sign that your personality and resourcefulness can lead to financial growth.

12. Meaning of someone stealing a book in your dreams

According to a study published in Frontiers in Psychology, books are symbols of knowledge, especially in children as they use these materials to learn.

When you dream of someone stealing a book, this can represent the decisions you make that can lead you to some exciting news. It can also mean that you are about to uncover something that can change your life.

13. Dream of stealing food

If you dream about stealing food, it might tell you that you are lonely, upset, and unengaged. This may also represent the start of something new, either related to your work or relationships.

So, give your life some enrichment, work hard, and stay determined as these can help you find a new path to success. Remember, success is not just about money but also about happiness.

14. Dream about a cell phone being stolen

If you dream of a cell phone being stolen and you know the identity of the person stealing it, this person might be manipulating you. A dream of theft of a cell phone can also send you a warning about someone who wants to endanger you, specifically about your professional career.

15. Dreams of a thief stealing a car or other motor vehicles

If you dream about someone stealing a car, this could represent a vehicle pushing you to move forward. If you are currently experiencing circumstances in life, learn to take steps to reach your ambitions.

If you feel like you are not progressing in your current job, dare to look for other opportunities that can enrich your financial situation.

Meaning of stealing gold or jewelry in dreams

Meaning of stealing gold or jewelry in dreams
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If you dream about yourself stealing gold or jewelry, this can represent envy. You might be jealous of others’ achievements. Sometimes, these people you envy might be your acquaintances.

Unfortunately, this can affect your new relationship or career. 

On the other hand, when you dream of someone stealing your diamonds, take note as well of the location of the event. If it is from your apartment, this person might be someone you are close to.

If this stealing is from a supermarket, this burglar might be a stranger. So, learn to keep yourself and your things safe as well from your surroundings, especially if you have a lot of money.

Bank robbery dreams

If you dream about a bank robbery, it is not really about evil. Instead, take a good look at the rewards you get in life. This can signify improvements in your career. Continue to work hard and you will receive good news in the future.

Final Thoughts

Dreaming about stealing represents both positive and negative meanings. That person stealing might be you or somebody else.

Generally, the messages of these dreams speak about behavior changes, acceptance, and security. 

Overall, if you ever get to dream about this, learn to leap, value your possessions, and move forward to improve your life situation.

What Does It Mean To Dream About Stealing? (21 Spiritual)
Liquids and Solids

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